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Cemprotec 34


Detects & Displays All 3 EMF Types at Once

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The very unique ESI 24 RF Meter checks for all 3 types of EMF Radiation: magnetic fields, electric fields, and radiowaves/microwaves simultaneously. Easy to interpret RED / YELLOW / GREEN LED lights indicate EMF level and are supported by a loudspeaker that gives an audible indication of field strengths. Sound frequency/intensity changes with increasing field strengths. Sound can be turned off if you prefer. Allows for quick and easy localization of the sources of different types of EMF. The display shows 5 different levels, ranging from extremely low (i.e. no significant radiation exposure) to too strong for prolonged exposure and distinguishes how much for each radiation type. Super easy and super sensitive.

Frequency Range Axis
Magnetic field: 16Hz – 3kHz 3
Electric Field: 16Hz – 3kHz 1
Radiowaves: 50MHz – 8GHz 3
Includes Enhanced RF Mode in which only RF is measured using all 15 LEDs. Gives greater range and greater resolution. Sources detected by ESI 24: cell phone towers, cordless phones, wireless LAN, Wi-Fi systems, power lines, electrical installations and appliances, baby monitors and alarms, microwave ovens, cell phones, etc.

LEDs: Green Green/Yellow Yellow Yellow/Red Red
Magnetic field (nT) <20 80-120 160-200 300-400 >1000
Electric Field (V/m) <6 15-20 25-30 35-40 >50
Radiowaves (µW/m²)
2 – 3900 depending on frequency
RF Enhanced Mode (µW/m²)
.06 – 5900 depending on frequency
Operates for about 10 hours on one 9V battery (included). 1 year warranty.