Cemprotec 31


A great meter for measuring Radio Frequency radiation.

SKU: 40501


The handheld EMF meter known as Cemprotec 31 is designed to measure the strength and frequency of EMF signals ranging from 1 MHz to 10 GHz. It is manufactured by E.P.E. Conseil, a French company specializing in producing high-quality EMF meters and other measurement tools.

This meter is widely used in various fields, including health and safety, electrical engineering, and physics. It is commonly used by individuals who are concerned about their exposure to EMF radiation, which is emitted by electronic devices and wireless technologies.

With its high sensitivity, the Cemprotec 31 can detect even low levels of EMF radiation. Its LED display provides accurate readings of the EMF signal strength, and the audio alarm changes depending on the sources and strength. The meter is battery-operated and portable, making it convenient to use in different locations.

The Cemprotec 31 is an essential tool for professionals to ensure safe work environments free from harmful EMF radiation. It can detect EMF radiation from electronic devices, cell phones, and Wi-Fi routers. The meter helps identify potential exposure sources and take necessary steps to reduce exposure levels.

Individuals concerned about EMF radiation can also use the Cemprotec 31 EMF meter to measure their exposure levels and take preventive measures, such as moving electronic devices away from their bodies or using shielding products.