BoDefense Shelter


“Spacious Serenity”

SKU: 30940


BoDefense™ (pronounced “body fence”) is a shielding option that is halfway between shielding the whole room architecturally and wearing shielded clothing. Maximum headroom and good radiofrequency shielding is achieved using different skin-safe shielding fabrics, plus a light-weight all PVC customizable frame. It has superb air flow and light penetration. Shielding performance varies depending on the selected material. This arrangement requires no ceiling hooks and is completely self supporting. Includes shielding for the “roof” plus all 4 sides. Two flap entrances allow easy access from either side. Does not include floor shielding, please see our Floor Mat if you need one. NOTE: Mesh materials do not have the ability to stop cell phone signals. Phones will still work inside this enclosure. You can perform a true test with an RF meter to see the reduction.

Of course, this shield can be used over a bed, but it can also be used over a workstation, couch, or dining room table. Choose the size that fits your needs: Large: 6 feet high, 7 feet wide. (fits a king size bed) Small: 6 feet high, 7 x 3.6 feet. (fits a twin bed)

Easy enough to put up so it’s great for home or travel. Includes everything you need: shielding fabric, PVC frame, and fabric clips. Check that you have enough height available under any light fixtures, ceiling fans, or chandeliers. For indoor use only. May take up to 2 weeks to ship (made per order).