BlocBag – Ultima


“Microwave Radiation Protection Sleeping Bag”

SKU: 30240


Meet the BlocBag – Ultima, the EMF shielding sleeping bag. It’s your solution for a sleep environment free from radiofrequencies (RF). This innovative sleeping bag marries comfort with effective microwave shielding technology. The main body uses a cotton-based shielding fabric, soft like a bedsheet. For breathability, we’ve added a polyester mesh shielding fabric to the hood.

The BlocBag is not just effective; it’s also portable. It folds down to the size of a book, making it easy to carry. Perfect for both home and travel, it provides peace of mind by reducing RF signals. Tested rigorously, the BlocBag delivers over 28dB attenuation up to 6 GHz without grounding.

Available in Regular (94″ x 34″) and Wide (94″ x 55″) sizes to suit your needs.

To keep your EMF shielding sleeping bag in top condition, wash it in cold water (40°C) on a gentle cycle with mild detergent. This care ensures the BlocBag remains both effective and comfortable for years.