BlackOut Patch


RF and RFID Shielding Adhesive Patch

SKU: 50345


Who wants to make his own shielded passport or credit card sleeve? Or line a purse, wallet, cellphone case or backpack? Add a shielding liner to a pocket? Wrap a wi-fi node to block radiation output? Repair a fencing Lame: Shield a part of a circuit board? Make an RF gasket? Shield your homeopathy bottles? Attach a ground cord to a fabric? There are hundreds of uses for thia versatile shielding patch. A peel-off paper backing reveals a super strong conductive adhesive that keeps the patch where you put it. Easily cut to any shape with ordinary scissors, this metalized fabric is conductive on both sides, completely flexible with no stretch, and solid black in color. 40 – 50 dB from 10 MHz to 10 Ghz. You get two pieces, each 5.5″ x 8″. Not intended to adhere directly to the skin. Do not machine wash.