Baby Blanket


Soft Cotton Flannel Blanket Shields Your Baby from Wireless Radiation

SKU: 30335


The RF shielding baby blanket protects babies from radiation. Babies are at risk from radiation, even before birth. Expecting mothers using cell phones or Wi-Fi near their belly may expose their fetus. This blanket offers protection. It is cozy and shields against RF radiation. Use it to cover the mother’s belly or wrap the baby. It reduces radiation exposure during important development stages.

The RF shielding baby blanket reduces over 97% of RF and microwave radiation. It offers strong shielding. The material is soft flannel, comfortable for the skin. The size is 43″ x 32″, large enough for good coverage. It is made in the USA and is patent pending.

Materials are safe and durable. The outside is hypoallergenic cotton flannel. The inside has ecological cotton without chemicals. This cotton has silver wire for radiation protection.

Caring for the blanket is easy. Wash it in cold water. Do not use bleach. This keeps the blanket effective and in good condition. It helps protect your baby for a long time.