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Baby Blanket


Soft Cotton Flannel Blanket Shields Your Baby from Wireless Radiation

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We all know babies are more sensitive to injury from radiation both before and after birth. Expecting Moms may not realize that they are radiating their developing fetus by using a cell phone or wifi near their belly. This shielded Baby Blanket is the ultimate in snuggly comfort while providing a high level of radiation shielding. Just use it like any ordinary blanket. Cover Mom’s belly or wrap the baby. Either way, it’s a smart, safe, and effective way to lower your baby’s exposure during this critical time in his or her development.

Deflects >30dB of Radio & Microwave EMF Radiation
Luxurious flannel, comfortable against the skin
Generous 38″ x 30″
Made in USA
Patent Pending

Material: Washable, durable, hypoallergenic, cotton flannel on the outside. Ecological, unbleached, shielding cotton fabric without chemicals in the middle, interwoven with microscopic Silver wire to form the protective radiation barrier. Lifetime mfr wty.
Care: Machine wash cold, do not bleach.