Naturell™ Bed Canopy


All Cotton, More Headroom

SKU: 30370


Shield yourself from wireless radiation while you sleep with our Naturell™ Bed Canopy. Designed to protect against RF radiation from sources like cell phone towers, Wi-Fi, and cordless phones. This box-shaped RF shielding canopy not only provides safety but enhances your bedroom’s comfort and style.

Featuring side slits for effortless access, this RF shielding canopy creates a spacious interior and a sense of openness. The fabric is woven with ultra-thin silver threads that reflect RF radiation with no need for grounding. Attenuation of > 20 dB up to 12 GHz.

Product Specifications:

  • Twin Size: 100 cm width, 200 cm depth, 200 cm height.
  • King Size: 200 cm width, 200 cm depth, 200 cm height.
  • Material: Natural cotton, OEKO-TEX certified to be free of harmful substances.
  • Installation: Includes swag hooks for ceiling mounting (8 for King size, 6 for Twin size)

Also, you can make a wooden or PVC support frame, or even use clothesline or the existing frame of a 4 poster bed. Add a floor mat (sold separately) if you also want protection from below.

Washing Instructions: Hand or machine wash (gentle cycle), cold water. Use TexCare. Hang dry. Iron without steam, low heat. No bleach. Do not dry clean.

**Although the material significantly reduces exposure to RF, mesh fabrics cannot completely stop cell phone signals – phones will still ring inside the canopy. (Bringing a cell phone or RF source inside the canopy is not recommended.) The proper way to test effectiveness would be to use an RF meter.