3 Axis DC/AC Gaussmeter IDR324


3 Axis Ease and Convenience

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All the same features and specifications of the DC/AC Gaussmeter, but in a 3 axis version. Makes taking multiple readings much faster. AC powered. Switchable between single (X, Y, or Z) & 3-axis channels (simultaneous X, Y, Z, plus resultant M). When in single channel mode, it will also indicate the frequency of the measured field. Includes 1000 mV full scale AC output, 32000 point datalogging and Record data w/ RS-232 communication port and USB. Made in USA. Two years parts & labor warranty. AC power adaptor, zero Gauss chamber, and certificate of calibration with data included.

Default option includes a 3-axis isotropic probe.

Please call for additional probe options, such as 3 axial probes, 3 transverse probes, or other combinations.