3-Axis Backlight Gaussmeter


An extremely sensitive, true root mean square (RMS) 3 axis Gauss meter.

SKU: 40107


With selectable axis (3D, X, Y, Z) on all features, this meter is a real technological breakthrough. Features include a flat frequency response, on-screen graphing, max hold, and selectable units for milli-Gauss (mG) and micro-Tesla (uT). Updates at a fast 2.5 times per second and has a variable blue backlight light emitting diode (LED) display. The alkaline battery included typically lasts approximately 15 hours. Can be powered with the AC to 9V DC adapter (part number #174-9, sold separately) for prolonged use. This is the lowest price for a 3-axis digital Gauss Meter. It is made in the USA with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
Suitable for general purpose extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic field measurements.