20 dB Attenuator


Extends Dynamic Range of High Frequency Meter


Need to measure stronger RF signals without overwhelming your High Frequency Meter? Our 20 dB RF Signal Attenuator is your solution, expertly reducing meter sensitivity by a factor of 100. This allows for precise measurements closer to strong sources like smart meters, where accuracy is critical.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Sensitivity Range: Changes the sensitivity from 0.1-1999 µW/m² to 10-199,900 µW/m² (equivalent to 0.001-19.99 µW/cm²), enabling accurate readings of higher power signals.
  • Versatile Stacking Option: For applications requiring even less sensitivity, stack multiple attenuators to achieve the desired range.
  • Seamless Compatibility: Designed specifically to fit the High Frequency Meter (SKU #40481), this attenuator inserts effortlessly between the antenna and meter body, ensuring easy integration without any technical hassles.

Whether you’re a professional dealing with complex RF environments or a hobbyist seeking more precise data from high-power sources, this attenuator is an indispensable tool. It extends the usability of your existing RF measurement devices, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Leverage the full potential of your High Frequency Meter with our RF Signal Attenuator, and gain the accuracy needed for critical RF assessments.