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Original Ghost Kit includes EMF meter, motion sensor, infrared thermometer, and more

Both amateur and professional ghost hunters will appreciate the extensive range of ghost hunting equipment available to suit any budget and any level of experience. Learn how to ghost hunt. Electronic ghost gear adds objectivity and reliability to your paranormal research.
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EMF Meters Motion Sensors Infra-Red Thermometers Ion Counters and Geiger Counters EVP and Other Items



Get Ready to Converse With Spirits

A spirit box produces audible sounds which may be interpreted as voice messages from paranormal sources. This one works by quickly sweeping FM (76MHz to 108MHz) radio bands, delivering continuous white noise. Periodically, words can be heard with varying clarity.

You can passively listen, in real time, to the sounds produced and maybe you can make some sense of it in the context of your investigation. Maybe you can even correlate the sounds with some other events in the vicinity (EMF, temperature, odor, etc.).

DAS Logo But why would anyone make the mental leap from random snippets of radio broadcasts to paranormal phenomena" Here's where it gets interesting: Hear what happens when you ask a question! Very often, you will get an answer, and it makes sense! Don't believe me" There are plenty of youtube videos out there demonstrating some very unexplainable (and sometimes very clear) messages from this device. Better yet, check it out for yourself, but be prepared to have the hair stand up on the back of your neck!

There are two discreet audio outputs; (1) Earphone, and (1) Speaker. A bright EL back light display with manual ON/OFF select is ideal for viewing in the dark. The P-SB7 has an internal recharge circuit that maintains power to two "AAA" rechargeable batteries. No special skills required.

Available now!
P-SB7T Spirit Box

Includes Temperature Deviation Measurement!
Check out the new features:
  • Red display instead of Blue
  • AM Boost
  • Abient Temperature Deviation Detection
  • Flashlight
  • Amplified sound, so it won't need an extra speaker
  • Lanyard

P-SB7T Real Time Spirit Box® (Cat. #P98103) ............... $84.90 add to cart

What our customers tell us:

"Easy to use, good instructions, and arrived promptly. Have used it a couple of times with GREAT results! The product is a must have for those interested in taking your research to the next level. Have used it with three different speaker boxes and has been fine with all three. It does take some time for the brain to adjust to this medium, start out with short sessions it gets better and better!"

E.K., Lewistown, MT

GHOST HUNTING PARTY™ best paranormal party idea


Embark on a Paranormal Adventure

Having a theme party, retreat event, sleepover or Halloween bash" Visiting a haunted location with your group" Want to get your guests involved, excited, and talking"

Goosebumps and curiosity go together when science meets the paranormal in this fun game with real, working environmental monitoring equipment. Make it as creepy, fun, spooky, or hilarious as desired depending on the location chosen for the party. Teaches critical thinking and careful record keeping, team building, leadership and cooperation. The Ghost Hunting Party has everything you need for up to 8 participants (age 12 and up) to have a wild time exploring paranormal phenomena! Equipment is designed to be easy to use with no prior technical knowledge required. Imagine your guests' excitement when they find something unusually creepy and call everyone over to investigate!

    You get all this: GHOST HUNTING PARTY™ halloween ideas for fun party
  • 4x EMF Meters to locate and quantify electromagnetic hot spots. EMF meters are the classic ghost hunting tool. These meters have red, yellow, green LEDs so they can be used in light or dark situations and are very easy to interpret. Each one requires a 9V battery, not included.
  • 4x Pen Style IR Thermometers to look for hot or cold surfaces that cannot be otherwise explained. Some researchers depend on measuring temperature to confirm paranormal events. Batteries included.
  • Bonus! 4x Finger Lites to guide your guests through dark and spooky locations. Mini light attaches to a finger tip leaving hands free. Super bright. Batteries included.
  • 4x Instructions and set of data recording sheets with pencils.
  • 1x Moderator guide with sample discussion topics and analysis for a fun and lively exchange after the hunt.

Just add refreshments and have a party to remember!

Ghost Hunting Party (Cat. #P190) .......................... $54.95 add GHOST HUNTING PARTY to cart


Most Popular Items, Great Prices

Available for all beginners, amateurs and professional Ghost Hunters and Researchers. Get started or add to you paranormal equipment with these value packed kits. Details about individual items can be found above.

The Original Ghost Hunting Kit™     Now new and improved!
Getting started or know someone who would like to become a Ghost Hunter" This is the best and most popular starter kit available:

Starter Ghost Kit ghost busters tool kit
You'd pay over $198 if you purchased these items separately.
In this kit, you get all this for one low price of $124.95
Makes a nice gift, too!

*Order now and get a Bous Item: Free-Standing Vibration Alarm! (Cat. #407)*

Original Starter Ghost Hunting Kit (Cat. #P741) .................... $124.95 add Original Starter Ghost Hunting Kit to cart
(We reserve the right to substitute items of different brands, depending on availability)

Bonus! Save even more when you order The Book!

Ultimate Ghost Tech Book instructions for ghost hunting Need information on how to use ghost hunting equipment" Learn what it can and can't do, how to keep good records, and how to do a professional quality investigation. Order the book "Ultimate Ghost Tech" with your Starter Paranormal Kit here and save! (Click here for full book description)
Starter Paranormal Kit plus "Ultimate Ghost Tech Book" (Cat. #P741-UGT) ................. $136.00 add Ultimate Ghost Tech Book to cart

The Couples Ghost Hunting Kit
For you and a partner!

couples Ghost Kit discount price for best ghost research equipment

Couples Paranormal Kit (Cat. #P742) .................... $299.95 add couples ghost kit to cart
(We reserve the right to substitute items of different brands, depending on availability)

The Deluxe Ghost Hunting Kit
For the hobbyist Ghost Hunter.

Graveyard for serious ghost hunters
Deluxe Ghost Kit discount price for best ghost research equipment
You'd pay well over $275 if you purchased these items seperately.
In this kit, you get all this for one low price of $249.95
Makes a nice gift, too!

Deluxe Paranormal Kit (Cat. #P744) .................... $249.95 add ultimate ghost kit to cart
(We reserve the right to substitute items of different brands, depending on availability)

The Ultimate Ghost Hunting Kit
For the serious Ghost Hunter.

Ultimate Ghost Kit discount price for best ghost research equipment
You'd pay well over $500 if you purchased these items seperately.
In this kit, you get all this for one low price of $469.95
Makes a nice gift, too!

Ultimate Paranormal Kit (Cat. #P744) .................... $469.95 add ultimate ghost kit to cart
(We reserve the right to substitute items of different brands, depending on availability)

Ghost Detector Sensor Array detect ghosts in a room


Set of 6 Will Monitor Changes Over a Wide Area

Think of the paranormal possibilities! With this many individual sensors, you can set them set out in an array that covers a large area. Watch for small changes which might affect only one sensor, large changes which might affect all the sensors, or a hovering change that sweeps across the room from one sensor to the next.

You get 6 ultra-sensitive electrostatic detectors which are small enough to be placed almost anywhere. The LED will come on as long as it detects a presence. It can come on briefly or stay lit longer, depending on the electric fields in the area. Great for low light or dark areas. Shows up well on camera too. With some experimenting, you can discover when and where to place these Ghost Detectors for the best results.

Of course, these detectors react to electrostatic changes. It's up to you to determine if those changes are due to paranormal activity. Each detector requires one 9v Battery (not included).

Ghost Detector Sensor Array ghost sensors

Ghost Detector Sensor Array (Cat. P146) ........... $39.99 add ghost array paranormal to cart


High Sensitivity, 3-Axis and Backlight!

3-Axis EMF Gaussmeter With Harmonics for ghost hunt in the dark True-RMS 3 Axis AC Gaussmeter with all the features you could want, with effective backlighting too!. A real technological breakthrough.

  • Flat frequency response:
      ±½dB 30 to 5000 Hz
      -3dB 15 to 5500 Hz
  • Range 0-250 mG on any axis
  • Maximum resolution 0.01 mG

    More Features:
  • Selectable axis (3D, X, Y, Z) on ALL features
  • Peak Axis (which axis has the strongest field)
  • On-Screen Graphing (Horizontal bargraph of field strength)
  • Max Hold
  • Variable Brightness Blue LED Backlight
  • Selectable units: milliGauss or microTesla
  • Fast Update Rate: 2.5 times per second
  • Low battery indicator
Alkaline battery (included) typically lasts ~15 hours at default backlight setting. Suitable for general purpose magnetic field readings, and great for paranormal work as well. Lowest price for a 3 axis digital gaussmeter! 1 year wty. Made in USA.

3-Axis Backlight Gaussmeter (Cat. #P107) ... $269.00 add paranormal emf meter to cart

Don't forget the AC to 9V DC Adapter to power this meter for prolonged use:
AC to 9V DC Adapter for P107 (Cat. #P174-A) ............ $12.95 add ghost hunter emf meter to cart


In paranormal research, the presence of man-made 50 or 60 Hz EMF signals can give rise to "false" readings. Wouldn't it be great if you could set your EMF meter to ignore these ever-present signals and just pick up everything else" Now you can! With this meter you can look at just the 50/60 Hz signal, or just the harmonics, or just everything else. And you can compare that reading to the overall reading on the same screen at the same time! Adjustable back light too, because it was designed with paranormal research in mind.

Also perfect as an all purpose True-RMS 3-Axis meter with high sensitivity. Great for distinguishing a 50 or 60 Hz signal from the higher frequency harmonic signals which often accompany power line magnetic fields.

    3-Axis Gaussmeter With Harmonics emf meter for ghost hunting
  • Flat frequency response:
      ±½dB 30 to 5000 Hz
      -3dB 15 to 5500 Hz
  • Range 0-250 mG on any axis
  • Maximum resolution 0.01 mG

    More Features:
  • Selectable axis (3D, X, Y, Z) on ALL features
  • Two display styles:
    • On-Screen Graph: select any of 3 values: total RMS, notched, bandpassed
    • Digital readout: RMS broadband plus select:
      60Hz only, or 60Hz+Harmonics, or 50Hz, or 50Hz+Harmonics
  • Variable Brightness Blue LED Backlight
  • Max Hold of any of the 3 values
  • Selectable units: milliGauss or microTesla
  • Low battery indicator
Alkaline battery (included) typically lasts ~20 hours at default backlight setting. Feature rich and easy to use, same meter works for both 50 or 60 Hz. Great price too! 1 year wty. Made in USA.

3-Axis Gaussmeter Ignores Powerlines (Cat. #P108) ... $319.00 add cheapest emf meter for ghost hunting to cart

Don't forget the AC to 9V DC Adapter to power this meter for prolonged use:
AC to 9V DC Adapter for P108 (Cat. #P174-A) ............ $12.95 add emf meter for paranormal research to cart


Economy Ghostbuster

E.L.F.-ZONE Gauss Meter cheapest EMF meter electromagnetic field meter What this meter lacks in resolution it makes up with ease of use and very low cost. A favorite among beginner ghosthunters and those on a tight budget. Three LED lights which are easy to see in the dark indicate field strength:

    Three LED lights signal field strength:
  • Green: 0 - 2.5 mG ("little or no activity")
  • Yellow: 2.5 - 7 mG ("moderate activity")
  • Red: 8 or more mG ("high activity")
Single axis sensor, on/off toggle switch. One fresh 9V battery required. Great gift idea for the ghost hunter in your life.

E.L.F.-Zone Gaussmeter (Cat. #P121) ............... $12.95 add elf zone spirit EMF meter to cart
Case Price [100 Units] (Cat. #P121-case) ........ $700.00 add e.l.f.-zone meter revenant to cart

Gauss Master Dr. Gauss EMF meter spirits evp


Classic Ghost Hunting Equipment

This little meter measures the level of ELF magnetic field radiation from power lines, computers, kitchen appliances, and more! The easy to read scale, unique built-in audio signal and auto shut-off make it simple to use and a great way to find hidden sources of ELF frequency magnetic fields.

Most experts agree that chronic exposure to more than 2.5 milli-Gauss is inadvisable. This meter will show you which areas are above or below 2.5 milli-Gauss in the 50 - 60 Hz frequency range.

Hand-held, lightweight and durable, with two easy to read scales (0-1 mG, & 0-10 mG), and dramatic audio signal. Our favorite meter for demonstrating the presence of dangerous EMFs to others and paranormal work. Requires one 9V battery (not included). Calibrated at 50-60 Hz.

10-1 mG
0-10 mG
0.1 mG
1 mG
50/60+ Hzno spec
What is unique about this meter" Lightning fast needle response, audio function

Includes nice instructions on how to perform
a proper survey of your home, office, or school yard.

Gauss Master (Cat. #A130) .................................. $35.95 add gaussmaster to cart

Quick Start Instructions for GaussMaster (pdf)

Want to make modifications to your GaussMaster" Here is a link to a site (not affiliated with Less EMF) showing how to add switches, amplifiers, outputs and more to your GaussMaster to make it even more useful.

Magnetic Pickup listen to evp


Build Your Own Gaussmeter

Want parts to build your own gaussmeter" Here is an AC magnetic field probe. It generates an AC voltage when exposed to AC magnetic fields. Although we do not know how the output from this unit varies with frequency, we do know that the greater the magnetic field, the higher the voltage generated (at 60 Hz, it produces about 1 mV per 20 mG). Best part: it can be connected to the audio amplifier (see below), or sound recording device so you can get an auditory "picture" of the electromagnetic field. Connect 3 of them in series and create a 3-axis unit. It is quite small: only 0.7" long x 0.7" diameter, with a removable rubber suction cup attached. Has 36" lead and 1/8" (3.5 mm) mono plug.

Magnetic Pickup (Cat. #P175) ............... $4.95 add magnetic pick up to cart

AUDIO AMPLIFIER spirit detector


Hear the Sounds of EMF!

Connects to Magnetic Pick-up (above) for audio translation of AC magnetic field frequency and intensity. Makes finding sources of AC magnetic fields very easy. Listen carefully to hear the hum of 50 or 60 Hz, plus clicks, pops, and shrill tones of harmonics, surges, and "dirty" power. Who knows what else you might hear" Volume is adjustable. Even has an output where you can connect earphone or external speaker. Input: 1/8in stereo. Requires 9V battery. A valuable but inexpensive addition to your paranormal toolbox. Can also be used as an external speaker for your computer, iPod or iPhone.

Audio Amplifier (Cat #P173) ........ $16.99 add ghost detector to cart


Magnetic Pickup Extension Collect Data From A Remote Location

Want to place your Magnetic Pick-ups in remote locations" Economical cord is a full 12 feet long. 3.5mm stereo male to 3.5mm stereo female. Daisy chain several together to achieve longer runs. Use Audio Amplifier (P173) above to boost signal over long lengths.

Pick-up Extension Cord (Cat. #P175-ext) ...... $4.95 add entity to cart

VIBRATION ALARM detect paranormal vibration


Alerts Upon Vibration

Detects low and ultra-low frequency vibration and sounds a piercing 110 dB alarm when tripped. Very simple to use: ON/OFF switch to activate the unit. Includes an internal magnet for easy mounting on a steel surface. Can be used vertically or horizontally.

Great for alerting you to the presence of movement, vibration, bumping or thumping in the night. Can also be used as an anti-theft alarm or Earthquake alarm. Very sensitive! Powered by 1 x 9V battery (not included).
Vibration Alarm (Cat. #P407) ........... $9.95 add vibration sensor to cart

Portable haunted Motion Sensor Hauntings VIBRATION ALARM

Get the Combo and Save 16%!

Use both devices and get the widest range of detection.
Vibration Alarm + Portable Motion Sensor would cost $29.90 if bought seperately.
Combo Vibration Alarm + Portable Motion Sensor (Cat. #P407-147) ... only $24.90 add ectoplasm vibration detector to cart

GEO-PHONE vibration listening device


Ultrasensitive Vibration Detector, Converts Vibrations into Audible Sound!

Vibrations carry interesting information. Termites or bees in a wall cavity produce vibrations, so do footsteps, voices, and machinery. Even flipping a switch or tapping on a keyboard produces detectable vibrations if you have the right equipment!

GEO-PHONE The Geo-Phone, when placed against a hard surface, will translate those vibrations into an electric signal which can be heard and/or recorded and analyzed. Listen directly with the supplied earbuds. Or connect 3.5 mm stereo output jack to your voice recorder to log the information for later review (separate cable required). Or better yet, connect to your PC (mic input) and view frequency and spectrum data with freely available software such as Audacity.

Definitely sensitive enough to eavesdrop through walls as it picks up voices with amazing clarity, and maybe to hear the tumblers drop in a high quality combination lock. Could even be used in rescue operations. Volume is adjustable. Rechargeable. Runs for about 12 hours per charge, recharges in about 3 hours. Operating Temperature: -20°to 50°C.

In paranormal research, it could be a revolution in collecting EVP. Hold the Geo-Phone to stair steps, or flooring to listen for unseen feet. Listen at windows of abandoned buildings. Check gravestones, church walls, wooden beams, even rock formations for vibrations from the "other side".

Available in two formats:
Basic Geo-Phone which includes everything you need to get started:
- Geo-Phone Sensor
- AC charger (110-220V, 50/60Hz)
- USB cable for charging from your computer
- Stereo earbuds
Geo-Phone, Basic (Cat. #P496) ..................... $29.95 add to cart

Advanced Geo-Phone: Greatly enhanced sensitivity and includes:
- ALL the items in the Basic set, plus:
- Audio amplifier (requires 9V battery) to increase sensitivity by a factor of 100
- Comfortable stereo headset with 2 padded earpieces
- Headset adapter
- 6-foot 3.5 mm male-male connector cable (great for connecting to amplifier, voice recorder, or PC)
- Y-adapter (allows 2 outputs)
- 12-foot 3.5mm male-female extension cable, perfect for remote monitoring.
Geo-Phone, Advanced (Cat. #P497) .................. $99.95 add to cart

Other Accessories for Geo-Phone

3.5 mm Splitter

3.5 mm Splitter

When you want the light output AND space to connect another device such as headphones, speakers, or recording equipment. 3.5 mm stereo in and out.

3.5 mm Splitter (P496-S) .......... $2.75 add to cart

12 Foot Extension Cable

12 Foot Extension Cable Allows Remote Sensing

Wow! With 12 feet of cable you can be in the next room and still see the Geo-Lite! Need even more length" Daisy chain up to 4 cables to get 48 feet of pure delight.

12 Foot Extension (Cat. #P175-EXT) ............ $4.95 add to cart


The Best Motion Detector For The Price! Portable Motion Sensor

PIR technology uses infrared radiation to detect the motion of warm bodies. Two modes:
alarm... producing a loud (110 dB) alarm with 30 second delay,
chime... instant, less intense chime sound

The Portable Motion Sensor uses advanced technology to detect intruders and activity in a controlled area: 90° horizontal view, 20° vertical view up to 24 feet from unit. Completely self-contained and portable. Can be mounted on a wall, floor, or simply placed on a tabletop. Unit is armed and disarmed from up to 30 feet away with the handheld remote (included). Portable Motion Sensor

Great for security or paranormal work when you want to monitor an area for activity. Needs 4 AA batteries (not included) or you can power it with a 6 V, 500 mA AC/DC adapter (sold seperately).

Portable Motion Sensor (Cat. #P147) .......... $19.95 add to cart
Model appearance and sensor specifications subject to change without notice, depending on availability.

Case Price [36 units] (Cat. #P147-case) .......... $538.56 add to cart



Alternate Lighting

Some paranormal investigators use UV to help detect airborne particles and distinguish them from orb phenomena. Some even theorize that one can use UV light to "push" or "herd" spirits to/from a location to aid research photography, EVP, and contact.

Ultraviolet light also reveals the security strips in monetary currency, watermarks hidden in bank notes and fluorescent ink and dyes used as anti-counterfeiting. Illuminate scorpions, check hand stamps at clubs, discover pet stain in carpet or upholstery, and scan a crime scene for foreign materials and body fluids. Handy when checking a hotel room for cleanliness! Solid aluminum body. 51 Long-life LEDs emit 390-395nm. Very bright, illuminates a wide area. Operates on 3AA batteries (not included).

UV Flashlight (Cat. #A461) ............. $29.95 add to cart


Unique Way to Monitor Temperature Changes

Who wants to be alerted when a temperature change occurs" Temp-Pod automatically sets to the existing ambient nearby temperature baseline. When a temperature change occurs, Temp-Pod will emit a distinct tone for each degree change. A momentary Red (Hot) & Blue (Cold) LED will indicate trend of temperature change. If the temperature increases by 1 degree and remains steady for more than 10 seconds, the sound will automatically Mute until the temperature changes up or down by more than 0.1 degree. Great for working in low light conditions. Arrange several in a grid pattern to monitor a large areas. TEMP-POD

  • Easy to View Bright RED & BLUE Indication
  • Glow in the Dark Surface Allows Easy Visibility (Glows for 24 hrs.)
  • Vertical Light Column:
    • Red = Temp Increase Detection
    • Blue = Temp Decrease Detection
    DAS Logo
  • Ascending Tones = Temperature Increase
  • Descending Tones = Temperature Decrease
  • 9V Alkaline Battery (Included)
  • Instantaneous Response To Ambient Temperature Changes
  • Compact and very portable.

Temp-Pod (Cat. #P102-T) ................. $109.90 add to cart

IR Thermometer


Measure Infra-Red Heat from Several Feet Away!

In Stock Infra-Red (IR) is a type of EMF we don't hear much about... but you know it when you feel it! This pistol-grip remote infrared thermometer (with laser pointer for pinpoint accuracy) will measure temperatures from 0° all the way up to 600°F at a safe distance. Offers an amazing 2% accuracy and a resolution of 1°F. Field of view is 6:1, emissivity fixed at 0.95. Backlit LCD readout is easy to see, even in dim lighting. Use the infrared thrmometer to instantly measure the temperature of walkways, oven doors, motor housings, refrigeration coils, foods, countertops or anything that could be too hot or too cold to touch. We have been told it works great for locating cool spots in paranormal studies as well! Complete with 9V battery. One year warrantee.

IR Thermometer (Cat. #P493) .......................... $24.95 add to cart


Super Small for Convenience or Clandestine Work

The perfect tool for port-ability and ease of use. Readout in °C or F. Super light weight, versatile, and full featured. Low price too! PEN-TYPE IR THERMOMETER

  • Temperature Range: -50°C to 220°C; -58°F to 428°F
  • Resolution: 0.1°C or °F
  • Accuracy: 2% or 2°C
  • Spot Ratio: 1:1
  • Emissivity: 0.95 fixed
  • Response Time: 500ms
  • Weight: 20g

Also Includes:
Data Hold Function
Auto Power Shut Off
Low Battery Indication
Carry strap

Handy for kitchen, workshop, hobby, and paranormal research uses.

Pen-type IR Thermometer (Cat. #P400) ............. $24.95 add to cart


Digital Local/Remote Thermometer Measure Local And Remote Temperatures Simultaneously

What a perfect paranormal research tool. Very handy when mounted to a suitable staff (stick, pole, wand) for surveying temperature variations within a room. Put the meter body near the handle end and mount the remote sensor at the tip of the staff (up to 6 feet away!).

Simple-to-use and lightweight digital thermometer will measure the air temperature at 2 locations and displays both readings simultaneously. It's one thing to find a warm or cold spot. It's quite another to find a warm or cold spot that is different from the ambient surroundings!

Meter has one internal sensor at the location of the display, and another remote sensor on a 6 foot cable. High resolution. Includes memory for min/max values, alert/set button to enter a preset value for local/remote temperature, temperature readout in °C or °F.


  • temperature range
    • local: -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)
    • remote: -50°C to +70°C (-58°F to +158°F)
  • resolution: 0.1°C (0.1°F)
  • refresh rate: 15 seconds
  • digit height: 12mm (0.5"); display size: 30 x 40mm (1.18" x 1.57")
  • unit size: 110 x 70 x 20mm (4.3" x 2.75" x 0.78")
  • power supply: 1 x 1.5 V AAA battery (LR3C) (incl.)
Also great for checking indoor and outdoor temperature at home or office. Can be wall mounted or hand held.

Digital In/Out Thermometer (Cat. #P468) ......... $4.95 add to cart


Air Ion Counter

Unique in this Price Range

Paranormal phenomena causing the air to ionize" This hand-held ion counter possesses the same sensitivity (down to 10 ions/cm²) as meters costing far more. Fully electrostatically shielded, with a fan throughput of 200 cm³/sec, it can make accurate readings even in adverse conditions. Measures positive and negative ions separately. Made in USA with a 1 year warranty. 9-volt battery included.

  • Setting Time: 10 sec
  • Noise level: 10 ions/cm³
  • Accuracy: ±25% for fast ions
  • Ion selectivity (crosstalk): 20x
  • Range: 10 - 1,999,000 ions/cm³

Air Ion Counter (Cat. #P156-2M) . . . . . . . . . . . . $499.95 add to cart



Detect Beta radiation and Gamma rays

Designed for evaluation of ambient dosage of gamma-radiation, which can be done by common people in domestic environment (food products, construction materials, soil, etc.). Also, the instrument can be used by personnel, working with ionizing sources of radiation. Moreover, the instrument can detect objects, polluted by beta-active radioactive nuclides.

The instrument uses the Geiger counter for calculation the amount of gamma- and beta-particles within 40 sec. and indicates the values in µSv/h and µRem/h on LCD screen. Registration of every particle is indicated by a sound-alarm, which makes it possible use "Search" mode.

The instrument incorporates the following features: indication of value dimension, indication of sound-alarm threshold, continuous amendment of indications in proportion as duration of measurement increases, display illumination, MENU in English.

Scale range capacities ambient dose equivalentµSv/h 0.05 ... 9.99
Scale range exposition dose rateµRem/h5 ... 999
Range energy scalesMeV0.1 ... 1.25
Reproducibility of indications (at confidential probability 0.95), where P is dose rate in µSv/h%15+6/P
Levels of sound-alarm thresholdµSv/h0.30, 0.60, 1.20
µRem/h30, 60, 120
Time of calculationsec40 ±0.5*
Time of indication.continuous
Batteries "AAA" type .1 or 2
Time of continuous operation, at leasthour550 **
Outside dimensionsmm105x60x26
Weight (without battery)Kg0.09

On Sale Now! Was $99.95
Low Cost Radiation Monitor (Cat. #P783) ....... $79.95 add to cart
In stock for immediate shipment

EVP Recorder


Important Part of Every Paranormal Tool Kit

Hearing your first EVP is an amazing experience, and gives you a great story to tell. Imagine how much more powerful the story will be when others can hear the EVP for themselves because you recorded it! They will beg to hear it again and again, as the hair rises on the backs of their necks. Now that's credibility.

This quality digital voice recorder is easy to use and has a clear recording sound which is perfect for paranormal work. Very lightweight and compact, only 103mm*32mm*16mm. Built in mic, speaker and headset jack, with one-touch fast forward, rewind, play and record controls. Powered by a rechargable internal lithium ion battery and has 4GB memory for hours of continuous recording. The MP3 audio files are easily uploaded to your computer. Use with free downloadable sound software such as Audacity to review, clip, clean up, and analyze your recordings. Upload the results to the internet if you like!

For even more excitement, record the output from an ITC communication device such as the EVP Listener, Spirit Box or Ovilus (scroll down), so the quick moving words can be played back over and over, allowing for deeper analysis of what the messages are trying to communicate. USB cable included.

If you are a serious investigator concerned with documenting irrefutable and valid results, use multiple recorders on every investigation to cross-reference your findings... and prove that the strange voices you capture are, in fact, anomalous.

Of course its usefulness is not limited to ghost hunting! This voice recorder is also great for recording lectures, meetings, phone calls and voice memos. Make shopping lists, honey-do lists, or send it to your partner with a personally recorded message of affection.

Recording EVP is a little like fishing: it takes patience and there are no guarantees that you will get some. But no paranormal investigation would be complete without at least one digital voice recorder to capture disembodied voices and EVPs. Very economical for all the features that you get!

EVP Recorder (Cat. #P731) ................ $39.95 add to cart

Input Accessories Expand the Capabilities of your EVP Recorder...

Magnetic Pickup


Converts EMF into a Recordable signal

This AC magnetic field probe generates an AC voltage when exposed to AC magnetic fields. The greater the magnetic field, the higher the voltage generated (at 60 Hz, it produces about 1 mV per 20 mG). Connect it directly to the EVP recording device so you can get an auditory "picture" of the electromagnetic field. Higher frequencies produce higher pitched sounds. It is quite small, with a removable rubber suction cup attached. Has 36" lead and 1/8" (3.5 mm) mono plug.

Magnetic Pickup (Cat. #P175) ............. $4.95 add to cart



Ultrasensitive Vibration Detector, Converts Vibrations into a Recordable Audible Sound!

Vibrations carry interesting information. The Geo-Phone, when placed against a hard surface, will translate those vibrations into an electric signal which can be recorded and analyzed. Connect 3.5 mm stereo output jack to your EVP Recorder to log the information for later review (separate cable required).

Definitely sensitive enough to eavesdrop through walls as it picks up voices with amazing clarity. Volume is adjustable. Rechargeable. Runs for about 12 hours per charge, recharges in about 3 hours.

In paranormal research, it could be a revolution in collecting EVP. Hold the Geo-Phone to stair steps, or flooring to listen for unseen feet. Listen at windows of abandoned buildings. Check gravestones, church walls, wooden beams, even rock formations for vibrations from the "other side".

Geo-Phone, Basic (Cat. #P496) ..................... $29.95 add to cart

Ultimate GHOST TECH book


The Essential Guide to Paranormal Investigation Equipment
by Vince Wilson

In this book, scientific equipment and methods that are used to search for ghosts and hauntings are outlined in detail in a single volume, providing ghost researchers with all of the information they need to legitimately search for evidence of the paranormal.

This entertaining and informative book offers a wealth of practical information on basic equipment operations, the ins and outs of using the equipment during investigations and much more. The book explores the nature of ghosts, temperature detection devices and how to use them, the uses and misuses of EMF meters, recording the voices of the dead, using cameras for investigations, recording the paranormal on video, various types of equipment and how to use it and much more! This is a must-have book for anyone with an interest in ghost research and the proper use of the scientific equipment that has become so prevalent in the supernatural field. It is an essential guide to paranormal research and the perfect addition to any ghost hunter's tool kit! 2012.

    Find out:
  • Who were the 1st paranormal researchers"
  • Why proper training is so important!
  • How and why gadgets are supposed to be used!
  • What gadgets and procedures not to use!

ULTIMATE GHOST TECH book (Cat. #P584) ............... $15.99 add to cart



Here's an LED light so compact that you can wear it like a ring on your finger. Great for working in the dark. Leaves your hands free for pushing EMF meter buttons and other tasks. Great for night time typing! Can also be used to send light signals or do light performances! Can also put it on your keychain, pencil, scissors, power drill or other tools. Very bright, bluish-white LED. Simple slide On/OFF switch. Batteries included. You get 3 pieces in this set.

Finger Lites - set of 3 (Cat. #P442) ......... $1.95 /set add to cart

Video Demonstration of Finger Lites:

Dead Whispers: Ghostly EVPs

Dead Whispers: Ghostly EVPs

By A. E. Angel

Journey through New England's haunted past with an all-female paranormal investigation team, Whaling City Ghosts, to explore an audio fortress of ghosts at over 8 locations. Oftentimes, with long and violent periods, these locations have become some of the most haunted places in the world. Learn about the Salem witch trials and meet their ghosts as they speak out to you. Enter Lizzie Borden's B&B, if you dare, as investigators and celebrities examine claims of paranormal activity in a room where a violent ax murder took place over 100 years ago. Visit an ancient cemetery where the ghosts do not rest easy. Roam the hallways of a historic, haunted gentleman's club and be invited into private homes where ghosts from all ages reside. Tremble to the entity telling an investigator, "You're mine..." in a sinister form of intimidation at a New England home. Take an adventure like no other, and listen to the dead whispers of the past with an enclosed CD. When a ghost asks, "Who are you"" could it be talking to you" 159 pages, 2012.

Dead Whispers (Cat. #P586) ..... $19.95 add to cart

Deluxe Instrument Case

Deluxe Instrument Case


Perfect for meters, instruments or cameras. Fits plenty of stuff in a compact space. This rugged case features aluminum trim, riveted corners, lock and keys, carry handle and metal hinges. Black hard sidewalls. Black padded inside walls but no foam. Outside: 12'' x 10'' x 4''; Inside: 11" x 9¼" x 3¼".

You can also use it to store:
important papers seeds toiletries knitting / sewing supplies
crayons / chalk photos coupons medicines / vitamins / homeopathy
hand gun / ammo tools collectibles art / craft supplies
cash / valuables diary love letters small toys, Legos, puzzles
business cards lunch receipts baseball cards

Deluxe Instrument Case (Cat. #P711) .............................................. $19.95 add to cart

Deluxe Instrument Case

Deluxe Instrument Case

Foam Inserts


Sized to Fit Deluxe Instrument Case and Customizable

If you like your equipment cradled in supporting foam, these pre-scored foam inserts fit perfectly in the Deluxe Instrument Case above. You get 3 pieces: Upper egg-crate, lower egg-crate, and a middle customizable 1 inch thick piece with 1/2 inch pre-scored lines. Just trace the outline of your equipment on the back side and punch out as many 1/2 inch squares necessary to cradle the equipment perfectly. Even the egg-crate pieces can be cut with a scissors or sharp blade. Nice professional look too.

Foam Inserts (Cat. #P712) .............................................. $10.00 add to cart

Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate

Can't decide" A gift certificate is a great choice for a birthday, holiday giving, or thank you. Select any amount you want. We can send it to you or directly to your recipient. In the shopping cart, put your desired dollar amount in the quantity field, then click "re-calculate".

For example, if you want 1 Gift Certificate in the amount of $25.00, add 1 Gift Certificate to your shopping cart and set the quantity to 25. If you want 2 Gift Certificates, add one, and set the desired amount. Then click "Continue Shopping" and add another Gift Certificate.

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