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Combination EMF Meters


Brings The Trifield Meter Into The Digital Age! Trifield Meter Model TF2

The original Trifield meter has been around forever and it was a favorite of ours. This improved version is even better! The TriField Meter will test EMF pollution from "hot spots" in your home, office, or work environment so you can take steps for "prudent avoidance". Completely self-contained, no parts to lose. You still get 3 meters in one. Three axis for magnetic and extremely wide frequency response.

Here are some of the upgrades:

  • A very nice digital display allows for more precise measurements
  • Frequency flat and weighted measurements can be done by the same meter
  • The RF portion is 1000x more sensitive and can read frequencies up to 6GHz
  • Includes backlight and sound function
  • Shows both instantaneous and Peak readings

Gain peace of mind and confidence in knowing where this body penetrating pollution is coming from, and how powerful it is, so you can protect yourself and loved ones. Instruction sheet and 9V battery included. 1 year ltd warranty. Made in USA.

Setting Minimum Sensitivity Scale Accuracy Frequency Range
AC Magnetic: 0.1 mG 0-100 mG ±4% @50/60 Hz 40 Hz - 100 kHz
AC Electric: 1 V/m 0-1000 V/m ±5% @50/60 Hz 40 Hz - 100 kHz
RF/Microwave: 0.001 mW/m² 0-1000 mW/m² ±20% @1 GHz 20 MHz- 6 GHz
What is unique about this meter? RF, magnetic and electric field in one meter, low cost, super easy to use, backlite, sound

Trifield Meter Model TF2 (CAT. #A150-TF2) .......... $168.00 add Microtesla Meter to cart

EMF-390 Combination Meter

Easy to use, lots of features EMF-390
EMF-390 Spectrum Analyer

Designed to be portable, the EMF-390 has more features than any other device in its class. Turning it on, you get a nice, clear reading for low frequency magnetic fields, low frequency electric fields, and high frequency RF all at the same time. This 3 channel display also rotates, allowing one reading to be larger! Auto-rotation when you turn the meter on it's side acts just like a smart phone, rearranging itself for a side view! Getting into the alternate modes, we get an auto-ranging spectrum analyzer, RF power browser to see pulses, and even tables for you low frequency measurements. Very complete, 3-axis combination meter, at an extremely low-cost! It even has a real-time clock!

Technical specifications and features:

  • 3-Axis magnetic field measurements
  • Magnetic fields range: 0.00 - 500 mG
  • Magnetic field resolution: 0.1 mG
  • Electric fields range: 0 - 1000 V/m
  • Electric field resolution: 1 V/m
  • Radiofrequency Range: 0.02 - 9999 mW/m²
  • Radiofrequency resolution: 0.2 µW/m²
  • RF Frequency Range: up to 10 GHz
  • 3 band spectrum analyzer
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Battery life: about 24 hours
  • Backlight
  • Audible buzzer alarm
  • Visual alarm: Green/Red LED
  • 1 Mbyte of internal flash memory for datalogging
  • Molle carrying case and lanyard
  • USB cord for communication and recharging the battery
  • Downloadable user guide and datalogging software.
What is unique about this meter? built in spectrum analyzer, super easy to use, lighted, good accuracy

EMF-390 Combination Meter(Cat. #A40390) ......... $135.00 add Microtesla Meter to cart


Palm Sized EMF Meter with Big Features Handy Meter

Who wants a multi-function meter that is about as big as your ear and can do all this?...

   - Measure Magnetic field, Electric field, and Radiowaves
   - Indicates field strength with 9 LEDs (green, yellow, red)
   - Has sound (which can be turned off)
   - Has a built in rechargeable battery (good for 8-10 hours per charge)
   - Connects to a computer to download data (free software download)
   - Costs only $159.95!

Handy Meterr This meter will measure radiofrequencies from cell towers, smart meters, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other wireless/cordless transmitters, as well as low frequency magnetic and electric fields from power lines, circuit boxes, lighting and appliances. Totally simple to use, very discrete, and light as a feather. Keep it anywhere: purse, pocket, dashboard, glove box or on the night stand. Single axis. 1 year limited warranty. Includes special USB cable. Model ENV RD-10

   - RF Frequency range: 100MHz to 8GHz (.0005 - 100 mW/m²)
   - LF-Magnetic: 50Hz to 10KHz (0 - 20 mG).
   - E-field bandwidth of 50Hz-10KHz (2 - 1000 V/m).
   - Sampling rate: 20,000/sec.
   - Small, compact handheld design, 69mm x 110mm.
   - Rechargeable LiPo battery.
   - USB connection for a PC logging software and constant power supply. Possible to save the data to Excel for analyzing. Can even log to your Android phone.

Handy Meter (Cat. #A145) ............. $159.95 add Microtesla Meter to cart


Super Simple and High Accuracy Pocket PF5 Meter

The PF5 is our newest power-frequencies detector. The PF5 measures electric and magnetic EMFs from house wiring, including those from appliances at home or at work. covering frequencies from 20 Hz to well over 50 kHz. This enables the PF5 to measure the higher frequency electric and magnetic fields emitted by induction cooking hobs, solar-panel inverters, 'energy-saving' compact fluorescent (CFL) lamps and LED lights. These are amongst the most concerning new sources of our electromagnetic field exposures as the currents they induce in your body are proportional to the frequency. So a magnetic field at 24000 Hz (24 kHz) will induce 400 times more current in your body compared with same strength of field at 60 Hz. Induction hobs, in particular, induce some of the highest internal electric currents in your body in the VLF frequency range. Such currents have been shown to significantly affect the nervous system. The PF5 is an easy to use, pocket sized, accurate, power-frequencies meter which is ideal for carrying around. It measures both electric and magnetic fields. One button operation. Clear level indication with colored LED lights. So simple!

Technical specifications:

  • A line of coloured LEDS shows the level
  • Electric fields range: 5 - 200 V/m
  • Magnetic fields range: 0.2 - 20 mG
  • Resolution: 8 LEDs plus 7 middle points
  • Accuracy: 50 to 2000 Hz ±10%
  • Accuracy: 20 to 50000 Hz ±3 dB; with a useable extended response from 15 Hz - 70 kHz
  • Battery: 9V Alkaline or Rechargeable
  • Battery life: 25 hours (normal alkaline)
  • Low battery (6.7V) shown by red V/m LED
What is unique about this meter? magnetic and electric field in one meter, super easy to use, lighted, good accuracy

Pocket PF5 Meter (Cat. #A141) ......... $190.00 add Microtesla Meter to cart


Detects & Displays All 3 EMF Types at Once

The very unique Cemprotec 34 checks for all 3 types of EMF: magnetic fields, electric fields, and radiowaves/microwaves simultaneously with anewly designed ergonomic shape. Easy to interpret RED / ORANGE / GREEN LED lights indicate EMF level and are supported by a loudspeaker that gives an audible indication of field strengths and frequencies. Sound frequency/intensity changes with increasing field strengths. Sound can be turned off if you prefer. Allows for quick and easy localization of the sources of different types of EMF. The display shows 8 different levels, ranging from extremely low (i.e. no significant radiation exposure) to too strong for prolonged exposure and distinguishes how much for each radiation type. Super easy and super sensitive. It also comes with a fold-out to match the lights to relative numbers.

Frequency RangeAxis
Magnetic field:10 Hz - 5 kHz3
Electric Field:10 Hz - 5 kHz3
Radiowaves:1 MHz - 10 GHz3
Includes High Resolution RF Peak Mode in which only RF is measured using all 24 LEDs. Gives greater range and greater resolution. Sources detected by Cemprotec 34: cell phone towers (including 5G), cordless phones, wireless LAN, Wi-Fi systems, power lines, electrical installations and appliances, baby monitors and alarms, microwave ovens, cell phones, etc.

Cemprotec 34 EMF MONITOR

Cemprotec 34 EMF Monitor (Cat. #A40500) .................................. $280.00 add esi24 emf meter to cart

Digital Combination electromagnetic field meter


1-Axis Electric and Magnetic Field measurements

The Digital Combination Meter boasts several distinct advantages for a meter in this price range:

  • Wide frequency response: very flat (1 dB) from 16 Hz to 2000 Hz; useful from 5 Hz to 7000 Hz (3 dB)
  • Tremendous Sensitivity and Range:
    - Magnetic: 1-2000 nT (0.01-20.00 mG);
    - Electric: 1-2000 V/m
  • Accuracy: ±2% ±20 digits at 50/60 Hz
  • Cool audio tone which resembles a Geiger counter
  • Simple to operate, easy to read.

YouTube video demonstrating this meter:
Electric Field
Magnetic Field
Frequency range:16 - 2000 Hz (1 dB); 5 Hz to 7000 Hz (3 dB)
Range:1-2000 V/m1-2000 nT (0.01-20.00 mG)
Sensitivity:1 V/m1 nT (0.01 mG)
Accuracy±2% ±20 digits at 50/60 Hz
What is unique about this meter? digital readout E & M, high accuracy & sensitivity, sound

Perfect for home, student, or researcher.
Uses a standard 9V battery, included. Instructions in German and English. 2 year warranty. Model ME3030B.

Digital Combination Meter (Cat. #A480) ...... $168.95 add ME3030B meter to cart

Extended Frequency Digital Combination Meter ME3830B


Covers 16 Hz to 100kHz

All the same features as the Digital Comnination Meter above, but covering a wider frequency range. (Model ME3830B)

Extended Frequency Digital Combination Meter (Cat. #A486) ...... $249.35 add ME3830B meter to cart


Professional Combination electromagnetic field meter

Professional Quality and Versatility

This meters meets all TCO requirements for AC Electric and Magnetic Field measurements. Tremendous sensitivity and highly linear over 4 selectable frequency ranges which allows for determination of ELF compared to VLF readings, ultra-low frequencies down to 5 Hz, and a special filter for 16 Hz typically associated with electric trains. Includes both an AC voltage output (to analyze frequency information or use a headset to hear the corresponding audio frequencies) and a DC output (for long term monitoring with a recording device), Geiger counter style audio output, auto power off, and integrated battery check.

Single axis
3½ digit LCD display. Power consumption: 15-20 mA.
Includes 8 hour rechargeable 9V battery, AC power supply/charger, and ground cord.
Manual in English and German. 2 year warranty. Model ME3851A.

AC Magnetic
AC Electric
Range 1:
0-200 nT (2 mG)
0-200 V/m
Resolution 1:
0.1 nT (0.001 mG)
0.1 V/m
Range 2:
0-2000 nT (20 mG)
0-2000 V/m
Resolution 2:
1 nT (0.01 mG)
1 V/m
What is unique about this meter?
digital readout E & M, extremely high accuracy & sensitivity, toggle frequency range, AC/DC voltage output, sound
    Frequency range settings:
  • 5 Hz - 100 kHz (full bandwidth)
  • 16 Hz (electric trains)
  • 50 Hz - 100 kHz (ELF + VLF)
  • 2 kHz - 100 kHz (VLF only)

Professional Combination Meter (Cat. #A482) ........................ $467.35 add ME3851A meter to cart

DC/AC Gaussmeter

Magnetic Field Strength with Frequency, DC -1 kHz DC/AC Gaussmeter

So what magnetic fields do you want to measaure? AC? DC? Need frequency information too? This meter does all that and more. Simlutaneous digital readout of field strength and predominate frequency, true RMS measurement with peak hold, One volt full scale analog voltage output, alarm, dataloging up to 32,000 data points, and 3 % error guarantee. External probe.

Operate in 1 of 3 modes:
3 Ranges:
DC only300 G (100 mG resolution)
AC only: 20 Hz - 1 kHz3 kG (1 G resolution)
AC + DC: 0 - 1 kHz30 kG (10 G resolution)

Completely portable. 4 AA alkaline batteries included and optional 6V DC adaptor available. Choose axial probe, transverse probe, or both. Zero gauss chamber (sold seperately) helps when zero-ing the unit.

DC/AC Gaussmeter Made in USA DC/AC Gaussmeter Axial Probe (Cat. #A1132-A)......................... $1195.00 add DC/AC gauss meter to cart
DC/AC Gaussmeter Trans Probe (Cat. #A1132-T)........................ $1195.00 add DC/AC gaussmeter to cart
DC/AC Gaussmeter Both A&T Probes (Cat. #A1132-AT)............ $1445.00 add DC/AC meter to cart

Zero Gauss Chamber

Zero Gauss Chamber

This chamber can be used with the DC/AC Gaussmeter to provide a zero gauss (magnetic field-free environment) reference, enabling you to take absolute readings of the ambient magnetic field (the Earth's magnetic field is typically around 500 mG). Concentric welded 12" long tubes (1" ID chamber) with stand, made of high permeability magnetic shielding alloy provide excellent shielding.

Zero Gauss Chamber Made in USA Zero Gauss Chamber (Cat. #A3105) ......... $395.00 add Zero Gauss Chamber to cart



Completely Portable

Need something smaller? This mini version weighs only 0.7 ounces and is about the size of a pack of gum. Easy to keep in a purse or hang on a keychain. Monitors AC magnetic field (3 axis) and RF. Perfect when you are on the go.

PaceAlert Mini (Cat. #A906) ............... $125.00 add Pace Alert mini to cart

In The News:

A research team at the Academic Medical Center at the University of Amsterdam examined the effects of GPRS and UMTS signals on critical care equipment such as ventilators and pacemakers. There were almost fifty incidents of EMI impacting the devices, and 75 percent of these could be characterized as significant or hazardous. Problems observed - a total switch off and restart of mechanical ventilators, complete cessation with no alarm sounded of syringe pumps, and incorrect pulsing of an internal pacemaker. Second-generation phones based on GPRS technology generated the most serious instances of EMI-sometimes from as far away as three meters. Read more

Deluxe Instrument Case


Perfect for meters, instruments or cameras. Fits plenty of stuff in a compact space. This rugged case features aluminum trim, riveted corners, lock and keys, carry handle and metal hinges. Black hard sidewalls. Black padded inside walls but no foam. Outside: 12'' x 10'' x 4''; Inside: 11" x 9¼" x 3¼".

You can also use it to store:
important papers seeds toiletries knitting / sewing supplies
crayons / chalk photos coupons medicines / vitamins / homeopathy
hand gun / ammo tools collectibles art / craft supplies
cash / valuables diary love letters small toys, Legos, puzzles
business cards lunch receipts baseball cards

Deluxe Instrument Case (Cat. #A711) .............................................. $19.95 add Deluxe Instrument case to cart

Foam Inserts


Sized to Fit Deluxe Instrument Case and Customizable

If you like your equipment cradled in supporting foam, these pre-scored foam inserts fit perfectly in the Deluxe Instrument Case above. You get 3 pieces: Upper egg-crate, lower egg-crate, and a middle customizable 1 inch thick piece with 1/2 inch pre-scored lines. Just trace the outline of your equipment on the back side and punch out as many 1/2 inch squares necessary to cradle the equipment perfectly. Even the egg-crate pieces can be cut with a scissors or sharp blade. Nice professional look too.

Foam Inserts (Cat. #A712) .............................................. $10.00 add to cart

9v Battery Terminal Adapter

Run your meter on household power for continuous measuring
9v Battery Terminal Adapter

Want your meter to take continuous measurements all day? The answer is here. This 9v Battery Terminal Adapter plugs into any North American wall outlet and connects directly to the locking battery terminal on ANY 9-volt device. Only works with locking 9v battery terminals (see image).

9v Battery Terminal Adapter
9v Battery Terminal Adapter (Cat. #A60172) .......................$8.95 add Personal EMF alarm to cart

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