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Mobile Phone Radiation Shield Note: Although it is true that cell phones emit low frequency magnetic fields that can be measured in milliGauss, they also emit high frequency microwave radiation which is what all the concern (and publicity) is about, and which the products below are designed to shield. Many clients have contacted us seeking a shield for BOTH magnetic fields and microwaves for their phone. Such a shield does not currently exist. To reduce your exposure to BOTH types of radiation, use an airtube headset and keep the phone itself at a distance.

What does the number of bars displayed on the phone really mean. Not much at all. Read more here.

How To Test Cell Phone Shielding Products

Cell phone, mobile phones, and cordless phones produce both magnetic fields and radiowaves (microwaves). Most cell phone shielding devices are designed to reduce the radiowaves. But you can test for either, if you wish.

The tricky part about measuring the radiation from a cell phone is that the emission strength varies widely over time. There will be strong bursts of varying intensity, followed by quiet periods. This makes it hard to compare "apples to apples". Also, because you are measuring up close to the source, you must use a near field meter AND you must maintain the position of the meter very precisely.

First, you must have a proper meter. To check for magnetic field emissions, an AC Gaussmeter will work. Most AC gaussmeters will have an internal probe. Simply position the gaussmeter on the phone. Note carefully where the meter is positioned. Make a call and watch the readings. Notice the highest and lowest readings, and make a mental note of the "average" reading. Now, insert the magnetic shield, and repeat.

products for Cellphone Shielding case for Cell phone Shielding pouch for Mobile phone Shielding To check for radiowave emissions, use an RF meter with Near Field antenna. Again, position the antenna loop on the phone (because the entire antenna stem has some sensitivity, it is best to position the entire antenna over the area that will be shielded). Note carefully where the loop is positioned. Make a call and watch the readings. Notice the highest and lowest readings, and make a mental note of the "average" reading. Now, insert the shield, and repeat.

In general, you will not be able to completely kill a cell phone signal, unless you use extraordinary measures to attenuate the signal. With a good connection, you will need an enclosure which provides a million-to-one reduction or better to prevent the phone from connecting.

iBrain Stereo Air Tube anti-radiation Headset iDoctor mono Air Tube hands free Headset


"Minimizes Radiation to the Head Area"

If you read the fine print that comes with your cell phone, you will see that even the manufacturer warns NOT to put the phone up to your head. Radiation levels near the phone can be quite high. Using a headset to increase the distance from the phone to your head dramatically reduces your radiation exposure.

Using an AIR TUBE headset has these additional advantages:
    1- No radiation can travel up the wire to the ear piece
    2- There are no speakers or electronics (so no EMF) in the earpiece iDoctor 3.5 mm, 3 band plug

Simple ear-bud style with soft rubber cushions give good fit and excellent sound quality. Long 39 inch cord with built-in microphone. Works with most phone models. Better than speaker phone mode as you can enjoy more privacy and put the phone down.

Great for home or work, listening to music, games, and of course.. phone calls! Patented. Check which plug style you need:

Air Tube Headsets:
For Most Cell Phones: (Note that these also work on XBOX ONE and PS4)
  iBrain 3.5 mm, 3 band plug (clear) Mono – one ear bud (Cat. #A251-mono) ............ $23.95 add air tube headset to cart

  iBrain 3.5 mm, 3 band plug (clear) Stereo – two ear buds (Cat. #A251) ............ $24.95 add anti-radiation headset to cart

For Most Cordless Phones, Corded Phones, and Older Cell Phones: (Note that these also work on XBOX 360)
  2.5 mm, 2 band plug (clear) Mono – one ear bud (Cat. #A280) .......................... $21.95 add air tube headset to cart

Attention iPhone, iPod, MacBook, and iPad Users:
Apple is making their products more proprietary and are doing away with many standardized ports.
These include audio ports, ethernet ports, and even usb ports.
Audio and Ethernet may be replaced by lightning wire. USB are being upgraded to USB-C.
For this reason, you may need an adapter to use these products.

What our customers tell us:

"I just want to say THANK YOU for making these. I just received your earbuds and plugged them into the ipod and noticed an immediate difference. I just want to say THANK YOU these are a god send for music lovers that want to be safer."

K. J., Fort Collins, CO

CRUZ CASE for iPhones

"Blocks The Microwave Signals Directed Toward Your Head And Body Without Affecting The Signal To The Cell Tower."

CRUZ CASE shield for iPhone

Simply snap your phone into the dent resistant bumper cradle. Flip the Cruz Case lid open to receive or make calls, then close back into protective mode. To use properly, flip open the Cruz flip lid cover to answer a call, flip back the cover over the face of the phone and talk through the flip lid cover with perfect clarity. Always keep the flip lid cover between you and your phone even when carrying in your pockets. The attractive and stylish Cruz Case technology provides up to 60dB at cell phone frequencies. Patent pending design does not affect the signal to the cell tower. Ultra-slim design also provides scratch protection for the display and helps keep the screen clean. Keeps your phone looking new. Includes credit card holder feature as well. Select model to fit.

Model Part # Price
Cruz Case i7-8 (black) (A246-78-BK) $39.95 add Cruz case to cart
Cruz Case i7-8 (brown) (A246-78-BR) $39.95 add Cruz case to cart
Cruz Case i7+ 8+ (black) (A246-78-BK+) $44.95 add Cruz case to cart
Cruz Case iPhone X (black) (A246-X) $44.95 add Cruz case to cart

CRUZ slider CASE for iPhone shield


Fits Many Phones, Accommodates Various Camera Locations

For larger Phones up to 3.5" x 6.6", the Cruz Case Slider is a good choice. Phone slides up for easy photos.

Model Price
Cruz Case Slider BLACK (3.5 x 6.25) (A246-Slider)
            Black & White Retro Style
$44.95 add Cruz case to cart
Cruz Case Slider RED (3.5 x 6.6) (A246-S-Red) $44.95 add Cruz case to cart
CRUZ slider CASE Black, Red, or Gold

3.5 mm Audio Extension Cord

Cell Phone RETRO HANDSET extension cord "Adds Length to Your 3.5 mm Headset Cord"

When you need to get further from your headset, this extension does the trick. Three feet long, white, and very light weight. Has standard Cell Phone 3.5 mm, 3 band plug and socket. Simply plug one end into your phone, and plug your headset into the other end. You can daisy chain up to 4 extensions to get a total length of 12 feet if you need it! Available in black or white.

3.5 mm Audio Extension Cord - White (Cat. #A446-w) ............. $4.95 add to cart
3.5 mm Audio Extension Cord - Black (Cat. #A446-b) .............. $4.95 add to cart

stereo Handsfree HEADSET

Stereo Hands Free Headset with Microphone

Conquer Many Tasks While Talking On Your Phone!

Stereo Hands-Free Headset with a gold plated 3.5mm, 3 band plug. Sporty lightweight design, this headset provides clear stereo sound quality comfortably to your ears. The convenient microphone allows you to make and receive calls at the touch of a button. Compatible with all universal 3.5mm headphone jacks. Can be used with Ferrite Snap Bead to further reduce RF exposure.

Stereo Headset with Microphone (Cat. #A727) ............... $14.95 add stereo hands free headset to cart

(Note that this also works with XBOX ONE and PS4)


BOOM anti-radiation HEADSET Universal type 3.5mm, 3 band plug for hands free headset Universal type 2.5mm, 2 band plug for air tube headset "Over the Head Headset for Easy Hands-Free Conversation"

Ideal for hands-free communication. Dramatically reduces microwave exposure by keeping the phone away from your head! Comfort-fit adjustable headband design. Reversible to use with either ear. Also features an adjustable boom microphone for optimum voice output and a four-foot cord. Can also be used with your tape or CD player, etc. Very comfortable, especially for long term wear. Better hold. Quicker to put on than ear bud style headsets. Add a ferrite bead for added protection.
Select standard 2.5mm 2-band plug for use with office, home, or 3.5mm 3-band plug for most cellular or wireless phones. (black)

Boom Headset 2.5mm (Cat. #A726-2.5) ............ $9.99 add boom headset to cart

Boom Headset 3.5mm (Cat. #A726-3.5) ............ $9.99 add handsfree headset to cart

What our customers tell us:

"Excellent reception on my end, and the folks on the other end always say I sound loud and clear. What more could you want? Oh yeah, it's very comfortable too! Believe me, I've tried lots of headsets, and the quality on this Panny set blows away every other one I've tried -- and the price/value ratio is just off the charts."

R. E., Boise, ID

anti-radiation iPhone RETRO HANDSET radiation reducing iPhone RETRO HANDSET


"Comfortable, Traditional, Functional Safety"

Tame the radiation! We know how much you love your iPhone. Now enjoy it without radiating your head. Stylish black handset plugs into iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 6 providing clear sound without bending your neck. Allows you to keep the phone at a distance from your body, reducing radiation by 95% or more. Less echo than some hands free sets, it also offers an answer key and volume control. 3.5mm plug. 4-foot coiled cord. Great for home, office, or travel. Makes a great gift too!

iPhone Retro Handset (Cat. #A348) ............. $19.95 add iPhone retro handset to cart

3.5 mm Audio Extension Cord

Cell Phone headset extension cord "Adds Length to Your 3.5mm Headset Cord"

When you need to get further from your headset, this extension does the trick. Three feet long, white, and very light weight. Has standard iPhone 3.5 mm, 3 band plug and socket. Simply plug one end into your iPhone, and plug your headset into the other end. You can daisy chain up to 4 extensions to get a total length of 12 feet if you need it!

3.5 mm Audio Extension Cord - White (Cat. #A446-w) ............. $4.95 add to cart
3.5 mm Audio Extension Cord - Black (Cat. #A446-b) ............. $4.95 add to cart

Headset Extension Cord

blue tube Headset Extension Cord Want to get even further away from your cellphone? This 12 foot headset extension cord connects between the phone and the headset cable, providing distance between your head and the phone. 2.5mm universal 2 band ONLY. You can use up to 2 extensions.
Headset Extension Cord (Cat. #A236-ext) ........................... $4.95 add to cart

Ferrite Snap Bead for headset radiation Ferrite Snap Bead for headset


"Reduce RF Noise in Wiring"

best Ferrite Snap Bead Cables can act as an antenna, especially if they pass close to a strong source of radiofrequency radiation. One study has suggested that if the cable of a hands free mic passes near the phone's antenna, it can pick up some radiation and transmit it to your ear. Our ferrite snap bead is designed to reduce RF radiation in the cable. Made in 2 halves, you simply press it around the hands free wire at any convenient location near the earpiece end. Couldn't be simpler. It is small and lightweight enough to be almost unnoticable, yet powerful enough (50 ohm impedence minimum) to control nasty radiation. These are brand new, top quality and will accommodate wires up to 5 mm (3/16 inch) in diameter. About 1 inch long, grey color. If you are concerned about radiation from your hands free ear mic, this is the answer. Useful from 200-1000 MHz.

Ferrite Snap Bead (Cat. #A238) ................. $4.95 add ferrite to cart

WaveCage wifi RF shield WaveCage LockBox


Soften The Impact of Wireless Radiation

Most wireless devices are overpowered so that their signal reaches way farther than necessary. And there are times when you want to reduce the strength of this wireless radiation, but not completely kill the signal. WaveCage does exactly that.

Designed to be "leaky", it permits only a fraction of the RF radiation to penetrate. Exposure to people is reduced (typically 90-99% reduction), and the device usually still works, but with a more limited range. Great for when you permanently or temporarily want to quiet microwave levels without fully turning off the source. Place it over cellphones, cordless phones, two-way radios, smart devices, even wifi routers. Sturdy metal. The two larger units have convenient handle and access holes for wire and cable pass through. Pick the sizes which meet your needs.

Older style shown

How Can I Test Shielding Performance? WaveCage protection for wireless phone radiation WaveCage protection for wireless phone radiation

WaveCage™ Mini (Cat. #A755-M) ............................ $12.95 (5-1/4"H x 4-1/8"D) add WaveCage Mini to cart

WaveCage™ Box (Cat. #A756-B) .............. $19.95 (6"H x 5-1/4"W x 10-3/8"L) add wavecage radiofrequency shield to cart

WaveCage™ Box Tall (Cat. #A756-T) ...... $23.95 (9-5/16"H x 5-1/16"W x 11-15/16"L) add wavecage radiofrequency shield to cart

WaveCage™ LockBox (Cat. #A756-L) .......... $24.95 (3-1/4"H x 7-3/8"W x 5-3/8"D) add wavecage radiofrequency shield to cart

RF Kill Box™

RF Kill Box™

Shielding So Good That Your Phone Won't Ring

Most cellphone shielding products are designed to reduce radiation to the user while still allowing the phone to function. This means that some radiation can still get to the phone, and some radiation can still get out of the phone! But sometimes you need to completely kill the signal. The RF Kill Box is a full-metal shielding jacket with very high shielding performance.

You probably know that different phones have differing signal quality, depending on your carrier, your location, and your phone model. A strong signal is harder to kill. In our tests, 99% of the phones we tested would not function when in the Kill Box under any circumstances.

The metal slip on cover is quick and easy to use and provides a good seal. Inside diameter is 95mm (3 3/4") and the height is 170 mm (6 5/8"). Large enough to hold most phones, but check your dimensions.

RF Kill Box (Cat. #A316) .............. $18.65 add to cart

RF Kill Box Bulk Pack:
Get 6 for the price of 5   (Cat. #A316-6) ................ $93.25 add RF Kill Box Bulk Pack to cart

BlackOut Patch cell phone shield BlackOut Patch


RF & RFID Shielding Adhesive Patch

Who wants to make his own shielded passport or credit card sleeve? Or line a purse, wallet, cellphone case or backpack? Add a shielding liner to a pocket? Wrap a wifi node to block radiation output? Repair a fencing lame? Shield a part of a circuit board? Make an RF gasket? Shield your homeopathy bottles? Attach a ground cord to a fabric? There are hundreds of uses for this versatile shielding patch. A peel-off paper backing reveals a super strong conductive adhesive that keeps the patch where you put it. Easily cut to any shape with ordinary scissors, this metalized fabric is conductive on both sides, completely flexible with no stretch, and solid black in color. 40-50 dB from 10 MHz to 10 GHz. You get two pieces, each 5.5x8 inches. Not intended to adhere directly to skin. Do not machine wash.

BlackOut Patch (Cat. #A345) .............. $8.95 add to cart


Need a larger piece? Perhaps you have an iPad or very large phone? Want to add a shielding liner to a purse, pouch, pocket, or backpack? BlackOut Patch XL is a whopping 8x10 inches. Hundreds of uses. Same excellent shielding material used in the standard size above. You get two pieces for $14.95.

BlackOut Patch XL (Cat. #A345-XL) .................. $14.95 add to cart


PaperSHIELD thin magnetic shield

Light Duty Economy Magnetic Shielding

Mobile phones produce magnetic fields as well as the radiofrequency signal. Some customers have reported to us that they suspect it is the magnetic field which causes the burning sensation in their hand when they hold a phone. PaperSHIELD is the perfect solution!

Only 0.010 inch thick, PaperSHIELD is flexible and can be easily cut with a scissors and shaped by hand into simple or very complex shapes. High saturation and moderate permeability make this ideal for shielding weak magnets, or stronger magnets with many layers of shielding. This material is particularly suited for achieving precise levels of partial shielding as you can add exactly the right number of layers to achieve the desired result. White paper on one side can be imprinted (by you). Peel and stick adhesive on the other side permits easy and semi-permanent mounting almost anywhere. Magnets will stick to it nicely.

Bonus application! In addition to shielding magnetic fields, PaperSHIELD is also quite good at shielding radiowaves (cellphone, wifi, etc). And because of the adhesive backing, it can be adhered to almost any surface you need such as the inside or back of your cellphone case. (Use a near field meter to test RF shielding performance.) Note that it is not transparent, so it can't be used on the touch screen side. Cover the cut edges with sturdy tape as they can be sharp. 36 inches wide. Made in USA.

PaperSHIELD (Cat. #A270) .......................... $16.99/ lin ft add paper shield to cart

POCKET STICKER cell phone protection POCKET STICKER radiation shield lining


"Reflects up to 99% of Microwave Radiation Away from Your Body"

So you are careful about NOT putting your radiation emitting mobile near your head. That's good. But think about this: what body parts get the radiation when you put the thing on your pocket, bra, hat, purse, holster or elsewhere on your body? Now your vital and sometimes private organs are basically in contact with the source of the microwaves, getting the largest dose possible. Pocket Sticker is a high performance shielding patch that you stick onto your clothing which reflects that radiation away from your body.

Simply invert the pocket, trim that patch to size if needed, peel and stick into place. Nothing to remember and nothing to lose. Just make sure the patch is positioned between you and the phone. Laboratory tested, the Pocket Sticker deflects up to 99% of cell phone radiation away from the body.

Can be used in jacket, shirt or pants pockets, holsters, bras, purses and other places where you keep your phone. Mobile phone protection POCKET Sticker

  • Pocket Sticker fabric: 90% cotton, 9.5% copper and 0.5% silver
  • Dimensions: 16cm x 10cm (6.25" x 3.9")
  • Advanced, high quality fabric and adhesive
  • Friendly on the skin, washable, durable and comfortable
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash on "normal cycle", warm or cold, with normal detergent, no bleach; tumble dry. Tests show you can wash the Pocket Patch at least 30 times with no loss of performance.
  • Do not dry clean.

Each package contains 3 patches. Get enough for your wardrobe. Makes a great gift too!

Pocket Sticker (Cat. #A333) ............ $19.95 add Pocket Sticker to cart

Cell Phones Prohibited Sign


Indoor/Outdoor Quality

Sign is an outdoor-grade, high-density .055-gauge polyethylene. Fully resistant to cracking, breaking or weathering. Measures a full 10" X 14" for easy visibility. Very official looking.

Cell Phones Prohibited Sign (Cat. #A715) ................. $14.95 add to cart

BlocSock best mobile phone shield


"Near Field Shielding Phone Pouch"

Think of it as a luxurious pillow case for your phone. Soft and attractive, it protects your phone like an ordinary phone case, PLUS innovative near field shielding material built-in to one side shields your body while carrying the phone and shields your head while making calls. BlocSock™ has two compartments, the main compartment covers the whole phone for transport. During calls, put the phone in the smaller "kangaroo style" pouch.

Very effective! Vigorous independent SAR testing showed a stunning 96% reduction of SAR value. Color is black (product color in images shown for clarity only) Three sizes, choose the one that best fits your phone.

BlocSock cell phone shield BlocSock cellphone EMF shield
BlocSock mobile phone shield

Note: Sizes are for the inner dimensions. Keep in mind if you use a phone case, it may not fit. You may wish to consider the next size up.

Regular Size: (3 x 5-1/4 inches) fits most smaller phones
BlocSock (Cat. #A232) .................... $24.95 add BlocSock to cart

Large Size: (3 x 6 inches) fits most larger phones
BlocSock6 (Cat. #A232-6) ............... $29.95 add BlocSock6 to cart
Does not fit iPhone6+

Jumbo Size: (4 x 7 inches) fits most largest phones.
BlocSock6+ (Cat. #A232-6+) .......... $39.95 add BlocSock6+ to cart

Mobile Phone Pod shielded pouch for cell phone Mobile Phone Pod shielded pouch for mobile phone


"Dual-Pouch Shielded Bag"

Mobile Phone Pod is a handsome pouch for your mobile phone. Like others, it protects your phone from bumps and scratches. Unlike others, it comes with two distinct shielded compartments:

One compartment is RF shielded on all sides. The other is shielded on one side.

Let's say you are in class, or at the movies, and you don't want your phone to ring. Slip it into the fully shielded slot. In this position, RF signals in or out will be reduced almost to zero, which is enough to stop the phone from ringing in most circumstances unless you have an especially good connection. You can also store chipped cards (like credit cards) in here to prevent unintentional reading.

In other circumstances, you may want the phone to be ready to receive calls or text messages, but you don't want the radiation. Place the phone in the slot with one side shielded. As long as the shield is between your body and the phone, the phone can still work and you get less radiation. Perfect in your pocket or purse.

Simple fold-over top with Velcro closure. Compartment measures a generous 10 x 15cm (4x6 inches) which will easily fit most phones and iPods. Durable black or white leather-like finish.

Mobile Phone Pod:
    Black (Cat. #A213-B) ................ $19.95 add Mobile Phone Pod to cart

PHONE PURSE shielded pouch for mobile phones, cell phone shield


"Smaller and More Delicate than the Pod"

The inside of the Phone Purse is just like the Mobile Phone Pod, but with a more stylish and smaller look. The outer cover is a soft fabric with Velcro flap. The two inner compartments are the same configuration as the Mobile Phone Pod. You can do all the same things with either style. Gray color.

Phone Purse Large (3-3/4 x 6-3/4 inches) (Cat. #A215-L) .......... $18.95 add Phone Purse to cart

Shielded Cellphone Holster reduces radiation


Shielded Cellphone Holster Cellphone Shielding Holster

"Genuine Leather Holster Design With Belt Clip"

A phone on your belt still irradiates the abdomen. This well-made black leather holster has a very effective radiation shield built-in to the back layer.

Durable flap opens at the top and seals securely with magnet. Swivel belt clip can hold the unit vertically or horizontally. Also useful in your pocket or purse. Protects the phone too! Very stylish. Fits Blackberry 8300, Motorola Razr, and similar.

CellShield Cellphone Holster:
phones up to 4.1 x 2.2 x 0.65 inch (104.1 x 55.9 x 16.5 mm) (Cat. #A907) ............. $49.95 add Shielded Cellphone Holster to cart

    Medium: phones up to 4.5 x 2.6 x 0.6 inch (115 x 66 x 15mm) (Cat. #A233) ..................... $49.95 add Shielded Cellphone Holster to cart


"With Shielding and Belt Loop"

What a simple and universal way to carry your cell phone and reduce your exposure to harmful wireless radiation!

Powerful shielding material lines the back of the holster and reflects up to 99% of cell phone radiation away from your body. It uses well established science– inside each holster is a layer of metalized high tech fabric that forms a barrier to EMF radiation. Just attach the holster to your belt and slip in your phone. The shield doesn't alter the behavior of your phone, nor cause increased drain of your phone's battery. The shielding simply blocks the radiation that would have otherwise been absorbed by your body and reflects it away. Lifetime mfr wty.
Shielded Cellphone Holster reduces radiation, cell phone shield Shielded Cellphone Holster reduces radiation, cell phone shield 2

  • Deflects up to 99% of the wireless Radiation From the Phone
  • Conveniently Attaches to Your Belt or Fits in Your Pocket
  • Shields on One Side Only; Does Not Interfere with Phone Function or Battery Life
  • Protects your Phone from Scratches and Drops
  • Comfortable, Stylish, Thick padded Elastic black Neoprene outer shell is feather light
  • Open mouth for headphones and rugged elastic belt loop fits up to 3" belt
  • Large is for phones up to 5.5" x 3.25"; XLarge is for phones up to 6" x 3.5"
  • Patent Pending

Cellphone Anti-Radiation Holster:
    Large for phones up to 5.5" x 3.25" x 0.25" (Cat. #A336-L) ........................ $29.95 add Cellphone Anti-Radiation Holster to cart

    Extra-Large for phones up to 6" x 3.5" x 0.25" (Cat. #A336-XL) .......... $29.95 add Cellphone Anti-Radiation Holster to cart

GOODNIGHT BAG signal blocking enclosure, cell phone shield


"Security Grade RF Shielded Pouch"

When it absolutely, positively has to be shielded! Evidence Bag is a double-layer, Nickel and Copper metalized fabric, shielded pouch made to industrial specifications for forensic quality shielding. Field tests have shown 99.99% RF signal attenuation.

Prevents most phones from receiving or making calls and protects the contents from RF radiation. Plain styling so it doesn't attract attention. Double fold-over and Velcro-sealed opening is completely reusable and perfect for storing:
EVIDENCE BAG kills cell phone signal

  • Pagers
  • Key fobs
  • EZYPass
  • ID badges
  • Cell phones
  • RFID tags
  • Passports
  • Credit cards
  • GPS Navigation Units
  • Homeopathic remedies

Great for travelling, shopping, or long term storage. Maintains shielding performance and can be used over, and over. Accommodate flat objects up to 7.5 x 5 inches or smaller thick ones.

Goodnight Bag (Cat. #A470) .................. $24.95 add evidence bag to cart


Prevents The Passage Of Electric Charge, Microwaves, And Moisture In Or Out!

EMP Faraday Bag EMP shielding pouch EMP Faraday Bags are designed to protect against damaging EMP current, static discharge, microwave transmission, RFID snooping and moisture damage. Protect your sensitive electronics (laptops, cellphones, iPads etc), precious memories (flash drives, floppy disks, tape recordings, etc) homeopathic remedies and medications, passports, credit cards and other devices from damage and spying. Could make all the difference if there is an EMP event or solar flare. Opening can be heat sealed with a hot iron for security reasons or long term storage. Manufacturer recommends that you "nest" items inside multiple layers of protection (double bagging) for best results.

The Small 6x8" bag is perfect for your cell phones, ipods, MP3, thumbdrives, GPS and smaller cameras. Large 16x18" bag is perfect for your laptop, gaming systems, radios and extra accessories.

Features an outstanding 38-pound puncture resistance. The multiple layer construction provides full protection against ESD, EMI/RFI and tribocharging. Because its moisture barrier performance exceeds foil laminates for low Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR), particularly after flexing, whatever you place in the bag and seal properly is going to stay dry also! Does not provide magnetic shielding.

Electrical Properties

  • EMI Shielding (MIL-B-81705-Rev-C): >40 db Between 1 & 10 GHz
  • Resistivity-Conductive Metal Layer (ASTM D-257): <2 Ohms/sq.
  • Surface Resistivity (both surfaces) (ASTM I-257 @ 12% RH): <10 12 Ohms. sq. in.
  • Static Decay (FTMS 101C, Method 4046.1 5000 to 0 Volts): <0.05 Seconds
  • Capacitive Probe Test (High Voltage Discharge) - (EIA-std 541/Appendix E-1 KV): <8 Volts
  • Charge Generation-nominal (Modified incline plane Avg. nC/ -0.09 Quartz: +0.10
EMP Faraday Bag for EMP shield

Physical Properties

  • Total Thickness: 7.0 mils
  • Light Transmission (ASTM D-1003-77) <.01%
  • Tensile Strength (ASTM D882-83 Method A) 735 lbs.
  • Tear Strength: (D1004-66 - Notched) MD: 5.8 lbs. TD: 7.5 lbs.
  • Burst Strength (FTMS 101-C Method 2007 1a) >130 psi
  • Puncture Strength (FTMS 101-C Method A) >38 lbs.
  • Elongation (ASTM D822-83 Method A) MD: 40% TD: 74%

Meets the military specification MIL-B-81705-Rev-C*
* This specification establishes the requirements for heat-sealable, electrostatic protective, flexible barrier materials used for the military packaging of microcircuits, sensitive semiconductor devices, sensitive resistors, and associated higher assemblies. In addition, the type I materials provide for water vapor-proof protection and attenuation of electromagnetic radiation.

EMP Faraday Bag:
Small (6x8 inch): (Cat. #A264S) .................. $6.95 add EMP Bag to cart

Large (16x18 inch): (Cat. #A264L) ........... $15.95 add EMP pouch to cart



"Versatile Shield for Both RF and Magnetic Fields"

Homeopathic remedies, credit cards and passports with chips, and electronic equipment can all be compromised by exposure to electromagnetic fields. The EMP Can™ is a great air-tight way to store these items and protect them from outside EMF influences including low grade EMP. Shields both radiofrequency and magnetic fields by 95% or more. All metal construction, nice wide mouth and quick-close latch keep contents secure.

In addition, you can put a radiation source (such as a mobile phone or magnet) inside the EMP Can to contain the field.

3.6" wide x 6.5" high

EMP CAN™ (Cat. #A339) ............ $14.95 add Pocket Sticker to cart

EMP Can Bulk Pack:
Get 6 for the price of 5   (Cat. #A339-6) ................ $74.55 add EMP Can Bulk Pack to cart


No Cellphones Decal No Cellphones Decal "Clearly Gets the Idea Across"

Want to let people know that cellphones cannot be used in certain areas without an embarrassing confrontation? These decals are suitable for putting up in schools, restaurants, theaters, stores, taxicabs, busses, trains, hospitals, offices, homes or any other place that's appropriate for a cellphone-free zone. High quality decals measure 3½" by 3½". Nice strong adhesive, simply peel and stick.

No Cellphones Decal (Cat. #A609) .......... $4.00 add to cart

RadiaFence universal RF Shield


Create A Radiation Shadow Where You Need It

So what do you do when you need a wireless radiation emitting device but you want to limit the exposure to the people? Perhaps you use a wireless baby monitor, have a cordless phone base station, or you sleep with your cell phone on your nightstand. Maybe there is a wifi router right next to you at work or school. RadiaFence is the answer. It's a free-standing, semi-transparent microwave barrier that you can put almost anywhere you need. It blocks most of the radiation emitted in one direction by "casting a shadow" (typically 70-90% reduction), while still allowing the wireless device to work. Like sitting in the shade on a sunny day. Portable, inexpensive, attractive. And it couldn't be easier to use. If you like, you can add a decorative photo or warning sign to change the appearance. Available in 5 styles. Pick the sizes which meet your needs. Style may differ from images.
RadiaFence all purpose Microwave Shield


Small (Cat. #A754-S) ............................ $12.95 (5 x7) add radiafence small to cart
(for cellphones, baby monitors, smaller items) RadiaFence sizes

Vertical (Cat. #A754-V) .............. $13.95 (8W x10H) add radiafence vertical to cart

Horizontal (Cat. #A754-H) ......... $13.95 (10W x8H) add radiafence horizontal to cart
(for cordless phones, smaller wifi, laptops)

Jumbo (Cat. #A754-J) ............... $34.95 (11W x17H) add radiafence jumbo to cart
(for larger items: microwave ovens, larger wifi, etc)

Angle (Cat. #A754-A) .................. $15.95 (10W x7H) add radiafence angle to cart
(ideal when you want some "wrap around")

Cup Holder phone Mount keeps phone away from body Reduce radiation with cell phone Cup Holder Mount


"Third Hand" Keeps Radiation Away From Your Body While Driving

So you decided you are going to use your cell phone in your car, despite all the warnings. But you have the good sense to keep it away from your head and body! This handy mount can securely hold your phone, iPod, MP3 player or GPS unit with confidence as your drive. Allows easy access and a clear view. Can be used by anyone in the car: driver, passenger, or even in the back seat. Plugs securely into a cup holder and is fully adjustable to any position. Cradle adjusts and can securely accommodate devices up 3.5 inches wide. Completely hands free. Can also be used on boats, recliners or anywhere a cup holder is waiting. You can even do his'n'hers! anti-radiation mobile phone Cup Holder Mount

Cup Holder Mount for Phones & GPS (Cat. #A728) ........... $34.95 add phone mount to cart


Hang Up and Drive Decal Hang Up and Drive Bumper sticker "Get the message out!"

Nice quality vinyl bumper sticker is a not-so-gentle reminder to fellow motorists of the one of the many dangers of cellphone use: distraction! If you ever get the chance, you can also explain the other hazards as well: reaction time, increased permeability of the blood-brain barrier, and possibly brain tumors. Good for cars, trucks, bikes, skates and just about any other moving vehicle.

Hang Up and Drive (Cat. #A637) ............ $4.95 add Hang Up and Drive to cart

EMF Caution Sign


Warning EMF Sign "High Visibility Hazard Warning Signage"

Sturdy Aluminum signs get your message across, indoors or out. Warn chldren, visitors, or neighbors. Economical enough top use as a protest. Yellow and black on white background for easy recognition. These are the same signs used by the authorities.

CAUTION Sign is 9 x12 x.032 inch thick
WARNING Sign is 7 x7 x.032 inch thick with a 1/8" hole in each corner

Caution Sign (Cat. #A608) ..................... $17.95 add EMF warning sign to cart

Warning Sign (Cat. #A607) .................... $19.95 add EMF caution sign to cart


Radiation Protection Shielded Cap anti-radiation Shielded Cap cell phone shield

Smart and Subtle

Protect your brain from RF (radio-frequency) pollution with this handsome baseball style hat. Specially designed to shield the head from frequencies from below AM through microwave, including cellular phone frequencies. Lined with sophisticated Staticot fabric woven from ployester/cotton with an ultrathin stainless steel fibers excellent radiation protection. This gives this unique fabric a truly comfortable, natural feel and the durability and washability of cotton, but with exceptional reflective characteristics. Shielding Performance RF protection cap

Research links RF radiation with behavioral and cellular disturbances. Many people can actually sense the differences in the levels of "mind noise" from RF radiation. Provide your brain a quiet place without interference to your mental processes from RF radiation. Washable, Tan color. Adjustment strap means one size fits all. Union made in USA.

Blue RF Radiation Shielded Cap Red RF Radiation Protection Cap Black RF Radiation Protection Shielded Cap Shielded Cap - Tan (Cat. #A210-tan) ....................... $29.95 add shielded cap to cart

Shielded Cap - Black (Cat. #A210-black) ................ $29.95 add shielded cap to cart

Shielded Cap - Royal Blue (Cat. #A210-blue) .......... $29.95 add shielded cap to cart

Shielded Cap - Brick Red (Cat. #A210-red) ............. $29.95 add shielded cap to cart

Other Shielded Garments are available for the rest of your body. Click Here for details.


Microwave Radiation Blocking Headband, cell phone shield

Using 99.9% Pure Silver and Comfortable Stretch

The perfect way to shield your ears. Comfortable enough to sleep in, and stylish enough to wear in public. High shielding performance silver stretch fabric gives excellent radiofrequency and microwave shielding. Made of double thickness 2" wide 71% polyamide + 29% elastomer fiber. Ideal for cellphone shielding or any other activity when you need to shield your ears and forehead. Thin enough to fit under a hat or helmet. Durable and unwrinkleable, washable too (no bleach). Silver provides anti-bacterial properties and suppresses odor. Folds small for easy transport. Pretty Silver color.

Radiation Blocking Headband (Cat. #A218) ............... $24.95 add radiation blocking headband to cart


The Finger Faraday Cage!

anti-radiation Shielded Gloves microwave conductive Gloves For those of you who experience (or want to prevent) ES symptoms in your hands when using a computer keyboard, laptop, cell phone or other electronic devices, these gloves form a conductive enclosure and effectively shield radiowaves and electric fields. Soft, light weight, with ribbed cuff, and offering good tactile sensitivity. Polyester fiber is twisted with pure Silver fibers, then knit into a stretchy glove shape in basic gray color. Each glove has a 1.7 mm snap for a ground cord. Fully hand washable and tested for 50 cycles with no appreciable loss of conductivity. All fibers are conductive, achieving resistivity of less than 10 Ohm/sq. These gloves are also used in industry for static control when working with delicate static sensitive components and can even be used for TENS applications. Grounding is not necessary for Faraday Cage shielding effect, but is necessary for static control. Also useful on touch screens like an iGlove. We do not have the ground cord which fits this snap on these gloves. Shielded Gloves:

Adult Size (Cat. #A351) ............................... $16.95 add anti-static conductive gloves to cart

Lots more Shielded Garments available here:

Brain Coat
Brain Coat
Hooded Scarf
Hooded Scarf
Ladies Fashion Hat
Ladies Fashion Hat
Skull Cap
Skull Cap
Neck Warmer
Neck Warmer
EMF Safety Eyeglasses
EMF Safety
Anti-Wave T-shirt
Silverell Hoodie
Women's Jacket
Neck Flap
Neck Flap

Ultra Low EMF corded Telephone

Ultra Low EMF Telephone

A Great Solution for Your Home/Office Phone!
Exclusively from The EMF Safety SuperStore!

A full featured desktop or wall mount corded telephone (no microwaves) combined with a special ultra low EMF headset. You get all the benefits of a normal telephone without putting yourself close to the strong magnetic fields associated with the handset, speakerphone, or phone base. The special headset cord is about 3 feet long and uses a plastic tube to carry the sound to your ear. Absolutely no electronics, wires or magnets are near your ear. Cord provides distance from telephone base and traditional handset, convenient mobility, and can be extended up to 15 feet with option extension cord, sold separately (see below). Tested and approved by Less EMF, dramatic field reduction when the headset is used. Although pictured as white, our current stock is a black phone.

No special wiring or installation is required. Phone includes volume control, speed dial, redial, speakerphone and hold features. Now with caller ID feature as well! Does NOT have answering machine. Phone can also be used in normal fashion by those not affected by EMF. Color is black, phone color and styles may vary. The phone itself does not have any special shielding nor EMF reduction technology. The whole benefit is that it has the jack for the special air tube headset.

Ultra Low EMF Telephone (Cat. #A725) ...... $99.95 add low emf phone to cart


Need extra length?

Headset Extension Connect up to 2 of these extensions between the headset and the phone base. Each extension is 12 long.
Headset Extension Cord 12 ft (Cat. #236-EXT) ............. $4.95 add to cart
Stereo Air Tube Headset

Extra / Replacement Headset:

Already have a phone with a headset jack? You can order just the special headset. Need a replacement headset? Here it is:
Air Tube Headset, 2.5 mm, 3 band plug
Mono – one ear bud (Cat. #A280) ........... $21.95 add to cart

A few words about phony products on the market...

We are often asked why we don't carry the chips, neutralizers, cutesy bugs, and some other cellphone radiation products that are so heavily marketed on the internet. Our answer is simple and honest: our criteria for including a product in our catalog is that it does what we say it does, and its effectiveness can be demonstrated with an appropriate meter.

Next time you look at one of those other products, ask:

Can its electromagnetic effect be detected with a meter?
If not, then how can the seller claim that the reported effects on cell cultures, muscle strength testing, plants, skin heating, or other biological effects are due to electromagnetic changes (see for example)? Electromagnetic field characteristics are well known and easy to measure. If there is truly an electromagnetic change, that change will be easy to detect and measure.

Does the effectiveness of the product depend on unconventional science?
We are always open to the idea that there are still many mysteries to solve in science. But ask yourself: if the seller claims his product uses new technology which cannot yet be detected or measured, then how do they know if it is indeed using that technology??

Are the conclusions from the test consistent with the data (and common sense)?
Look at the test data. One product we saw ( was tested by a respected lab using white blood cell counts. The % of viable cells was essentially the same in the control, exposed, and "protected" specimens, yet the conclusion is that the product somehow protected the cells.

Is the seller willing to reveal the test method?
Thermal image pictures of a face tell you nothing about what went on on the minutes leading up to the photo.

Is the product being tested on a real cellphone when used according to instructions?
Some products ( for example) are tested using a piece of shielding material in a laboratory test jig. These tests legitimately show the amount of radiation which penetrates the shield, but results will be very different when compared to putting a small amount of the same shield on a large transmitter like a cellphone. Remember, the entire phone radiates. Placing a small amount of shielding, even if it is an effective shielding material, only shields that small area at best. Think about this analogy: no light will penetrate a penny as it is a very effective light shield, but it is silly to think that holding a penny up to the sun will put you in darkness.

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