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 EMF Shielding for the Bedroom

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A note about washing shielded bedding:

Please note that some shielding fabrics are not washable at all, and some can be hand washed only. Please read and follow washing instructions that come with your product.

Poor water quality will damage Silver.
In particular Sulphur, high Fluoride, and low pH will react strongly with Silver and destroy conductivity and shielding performance.

Test your tap water on a small fabric swatch before washing your fabric/garment:
    1- soak a small fabric swatch in tap water for 1 hour.
    2- look for color change in the water or swatch, especially blackening.
    3- air dry the swatch and check for conductivity (by touching an Ohm meter to 2 points on the fabric)

If color change or loss of conductivity occurs, DO NOT use tap water to wash/rinse your fabric. Use distilled or deionized, reverse osmosis water.

Use Texcare to help protect the Silver in the shielding fabric. Washing will eventually degrade all fabrics with Silver fibers and reduce shielding performance. Discoloration over time is normal.

What is the proper way to test shielding performance"
Keep conductive fabrics away from electrical sockets and bare wires! Fabrics do not contain flame retardant, use caution around open flames and heat sources.

Newest Items

Travel Pack for RF Protection when you're away from home

Less EMF Travel Pack

The holidays have always been a time that we spend with our loved ones, even if they don't live nearby. But traveling with EHS is not an easy task. The Protective Travel Pack can help! Combine our Travel Blanket, made from high strength bamboo shielding material, with our ever-popular Tan Shielded Cap. Throw in a Fabric Grounding Wrist Strap that can connect to anything, the eyeShield to rest your eyes, and a Goodnight Bag to quiet those smart phones and you can stay WELL protected anywhere you go! Even better, it all fits our new Deluxe Instrument Case so it doesn't take up too much room!

All these items would break the bank if ordered separately, jump on this Holiday Special and save over $40.00!!!

Less EMF Travel Pack with Black Travel Blanket (Cat. #A30622-s) ............... $274.95 add to cart

Less EMF Travel Pack with XL Black Travel Blanket (Cat. #A30622-XL) ............... $374.95 add to cart

Less EMF Travel Pack with Pink Travel Blanket (Cat. #A30626-s) ............... $274.95 add to cart

Less EMF Travel Pack with XL Pink Travel Blanket (Cat. #A30626-XL) ............... $374.95 add to cart

Travel Blanket

Less EMF Travel Blanket

Stay safe when you travel. Use the Less EMF Shielded travel Blanket on airplanes, in the car, or just while watching TV. This simple, professionally sewn throw blanket measures 5' x 6' and is available in black or pink! rated to shield RF at 50 dB! You could even connect a ground cord and use it as an earthing sheet! New XL size offers 8-ft x 5-ft to fit smaller beds! Made in USA.

Less EMF Travel Blanket - Black (Cat. #A30602-s) ....................... $209.95 add Shielded Bifold Wallet to cart
Less EMF Travel Blanket - Pink (Cat. #A30606-s) ....................... $209.95 add Shielded Bifold Wallet to cart

Less EMF Travel Blanket XL - Black (Cat. #A30602-XL) ....................... $309.95 add Shielded Bifold Wallet to cart
Less EMF Travel Blanket XL - Pink (Cat. #A30606-XL) ....................... $309.95 add Shielded Bifold Wallet to cart


"Microwave Shielding for the Bed"

Duvet Cover Faraday Canopies are great, and we carry several, but sometimes you need a solution that is more portable, less hassle, or simply has the look and feel of "normal". Protective Bedding is the perfect solution, offering good radiofrequency shielding (more than 90% of cellphone and wi-fi signals bounce right off) and made with comfy, washable, cotton fabric which has Silver coated Copper fibers woven throughout.

Duvet Cover The ultrafine fibers are so small you cannot see them with the naked eye, but show up easily under a microscope. Great feel and without flame retardant. Tested up to 30 washings with almost no loss of performance.

  • Washable, easy to iron
  • Attenuation: 29 dB at 900 MHz
  • Color: White
  • Resistivity: 108 Ohm/sq, cannot be grounded
  • Certificates: Öko-Tex 100 Class 1 (gentle enough for baby underwear)
Care Machine wash (gentle cycle), cold water. Hang dry. Iron without steam, low heat. No bleach. Do not dry clean.

Choose styles and sizes:


Flat Sheet

Like a normal flat sheet, with 3 inch hem at the top, but made entirely from RF shielding white cotton fabric.

Twin Size Flat Sheet: 58" wide x 104" long (Cat. #A30361-T) ........................... $249.00 add to cart

Queen/King Size Flat Sheet: 108" wide x 110" long (Cat. #A30361-K) ............. $459.00 add to cart
King size sheet has a seam down the middle


Like a normal fitted sheet, with 14 inch deep pocket, but made with RF shielding white cotton fabric.

Twin Size Fitted Sheet: 39" wide x 74" long (Cat. #A357-T) ........................... $249.00 add to cart

Full Size Fitted Sheet: 54" wide x 74" long (Cat. #A357-F) ........................... $289.00 add to cart

Queen Size Fitted Sheet: 60" wide x 80" long (Cat. #A357-Q) ........................... $299.00 add to cart

King Size Fitted Sheet: 76" wide x 80" long (Cat. #A357-K) ........................... $389.00 add to cart
King size sheet has a seam down the middle

Flat Sheet

Crib Sheet Set:

Flat plus Fitted sheet for crib mattress, made with RF shielding white cotton fabric.

Baby Sheet Set (Cat. #A356) ........................... $169.95add to cart

    Save more! Crib Sheet Set plus Baby Blanket (see above). Choose blue or pink blanket. (Sheets are white). All three pieces are shielded.

        Crib Sheet Set + Pink Baby Blanket (Cat. #A356-335-P) ........................... $259.90 add to cart

        Crib Sheet Set + Blue Baby Blanket (Cat. #A356-335-B) ........................... $259.90 add to cart

Anti-Radiation Pillowcase


Shields Cell Phone Radiation

Who needs cell phone shielding in a pillowcase" If you know anyone who puts their phone under their pillow (where it can radiate their sleeping brain all night), they really need this shield. Benefits both teenagers and adults alike. Both luxurious and practical it looks and feels like a normal white pillowcase. Cotton based, machine washable (no bleach!) but with superfine silver fibers (you need a microscope to see them) woven into it. Each layer provides ~90% signal reduction, and there are two layers in a pillowcase! Phone function and sound quality are not affected. Finished size is 20x30 inches, for Standard pillows. 22 x 38 inches for King size. You can put an ordinary pillowcase over this one if you want to wash it less. Note: we don't recommend having a cell phone anywhere in the bedroom. But if you must, shield wisely.

Washing Instructions: Hand or machine wash (gentle cycle), cold water. Use TexCare. Hang dry. Iron without steam, low heat. No bleach. Do not dry clean.

Anti-Radiation Pillowcase, Standard size (Cat. #A359) .................. $79.95 add to cart

Anti-Radiation Pillowcase, King Size (Cat. #A359-K) .................. $79.95 add to cart

Shielded Baby Blanket


Soft Cotton Flannel Blanket Shields Your Baby from Wireless Radiation

We all know babies are more sensitive to injury from radiation both before and after birth. Expecting Moms may not realize that they are radiating their developing fetus by using a cell phone or wifi near their belly. This shielded Baby Blanket is the ultimate in snuggly comfort while providing a high level of radiation shielding. Just use it like any ordinary blanket. Cover Mom's belly or wrap the baby. Either way, it's a smart, safe, and effective way to lower your baby's exposure during this critical time in his or her development.

  • Deflects >30dB of Radio & Microwave EMF Radiation
  • Luxurious flannel, comfortable against the skin
  • Generous 38" x 30"
  • Made in USA
  • Patent Pending
Shielded Baby Blanket Shielded Baby Blanket Material: Washable, durable, hypoallergenic, cotton flannel on the outside. Ecological, unbleached, shielding cotton fabric without chemicals in the middle, interwoven with microscopic Silver wire to form the protective radiation barrier. Lifetime mfr wty.

Care: Machine wash cold, do not bleach.

Baby Blanket:

Dark Blue (Cat. #A335-B) .......... $99.95 add to cart

Gray (Cat. #A335-G) .................... $99.95 add to cart

Pink (Cat. #A335-P) .................... $99.95 add to cart



Portable Faraday Microwave Safety Net

This may be the best RF protection value. Extremely sheer and transparent, it offers excellent air circulation and dramatic shielding performance of 30-45dB. It will shield cell phone, wi-fi and other wireless signals nicely. Also shields electric field. Easy access slit on one side makes getting in and out a snap.

Perfect for travelling as it takes up less room than a sweater in your suitcase and weighs only about a pound.

The King size (pictured to the right) even fits well over a bunk bed!.

Dark gray color. Does double duty as a mosquito net, too! Not just for beds either! Can be used over a couch, workstation, your favorite lounger or hammock. Includes ground cord, stainless steel ceiling hook and support ring. Fabric is delicate, 100% pure Silver coated Nylon, so limit washing. NOTE: Mesh materials do not have the ability to stop cell phone signals. Phones will still work inside this canopy. You can perform a true test with an RF meter to see the reduction.

Two sizes to choose from: Twin/single/Crib is 7.5 feet high with 26 foot perimeter at the base. Full/King is 8.2 feet high with a 39 foot perimeter at the base. Both are tapered toward the top.

Dream Canopy:
- Full/Queen/King (Cat. #A343) ............... $925.00 add to cart

- Full/Queen/King Kit with Floor Mat
You Save $122.55!(Cat. #A343) ............... $1000.00
add to cart

- Twin/Single/Crib (Cat. #A342) .............. $599.00
add to cart

- Twin/Single/Crib Kit with Floor Mat
You Save $58.75! (Cat. #A342) .............. $650.00

add to cart

DREAM CANOPY Perfromance Graph


Light Duty Faraday Canopy When Moderate RF Reduction Will Do

Give your body a chance to rest! Attractive and functional canopy can be used over beds or other similar sized areas to reduce radiofrequency radiation.

Nice veil-like appearance (plenty of air and light penetration), and has the conductive components twisted on the threads, so no metal coating to flake and no need for grounding! Canopy covers the top and sides of bed. Easy to get in/out of bed and lots of head room.

Click here for an Independent Test Report of the canopy (pdf)

Can be washed in gentle cycle, with mild detergent. Even frequent washing seems to do no harm to the shielding power of the fabric. Comes with swag hooks and an easily detachable hoop for easy mounting. Very transportable too. NOTE: Mesh materials do not have the ability to stop cell phone signals. Phones will still work inside this canopy. You can perform a true test with an RF meter to see the reduction.

2 sizes:

Light Duty Faraday Canopy:
- King/Queen/Full Size (Cat. #A30206) ..... $1099.00 add to cart

- Twin/Single/Crib Size (Cat. #A30205) ...... $759.00 add to cart

Light Duty Faraday Canopy Performance Graph

Naturell Bed Canopy Naturell Bed Canopy


All Cotton, More Headroom

This box shaped canopy offers good shielding from wireless radiation such as cell phone towers, wifi, and cordless phones. Side slits provide easy in/out access and multiple ceiling attachments help create excellent inside volume and a sense of airy-ness. Naturell™ fabric incorporates super thin silver threads which reflect RF radiation, and could help you get the refreshing sleep you need. Easy to install, washable, and no need for grounding. Great for home use or travel.

Will fit over most bed frames. Twin dimensions: Width 100 cm, depth 200 cm, height 200 cm. King dimensions: Width 200 cm, depth 200 cm, height 200 cm.

Made with natural cotton which is OEKO-TEX certified, meaning it was tested to be free from any harmful substances. There are many ways to mount the canopy. Swag hooks (included) can be placed into ceiling. King size requires 8 ceiling hooks. Twin sizes needs 6 ceiling hooks. Also, you can make a wooden or PVC support frame, or even use clothesline or the existing frame of a 4 poster bed. Add a floor mat (sold separately) if you also want protection from below. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. NOTE: These mesh shielding material reduce incoming RF by 99% or more, however, this may not be seen on a cell phone. Mesh materials do not have the ability to prevent cell signals from getting to your phone. Phones will still work inside this canopy, and there may be no drop in your "reception" bars. Cellular devices can function with full reception on very minute amounts of the signal. You can perform a true test with an RF meter to see the reduction (99% or better, depending on the canopy). Naturell Bed Canopy Performance graph

Naturell Bed Canopy:

- Twin size (Cat. #A370-T) .............. $1400.00   add to cart

- Queen/King (Cat. #A370-K) ......... $1600.00   add to cart

Canopy Floor Mat


Need shielding underneath the bed too"
Now improved for stronger shielding and durability!

Floor mat made from cotton based shielding fabric. Can be placed flat on the floor under the bed, or between the mattress and box spring to shield 99% from below and create a "complete" enclosure. It is a simple rectangle of fabric. Material is durable and washable. Wash on gentle cycle with neutral detergent, hang to dry. Choose the size you need (sizes may vary slightly):

Floor Mat (single/twin/crib) ~53x108 inches (Cat. #A362-S) ............. $109.75 add to cart

Floor Mat (full/queen/king) ~108x108 inches (Cat. #A362-K) ........... $197.55 add to cart

Canopy Support Hoop Support Hoops

We also offer support hoops: 5/8 inch OD white plastic with joint... they can be cut down to make them smaller.

Hoop for Canopy (30 inch diameter) (Cat. #A328) ....... $12.95 add to cart

Hoop for Canopy (20 inch diameter) (Cat. #A329) ....... $10.95 add to cart

BoDefense™ Portable RF Tent

BoDefense™ Shelter

"Spacious Serenity"

BoDefense™ (pronounced "body fence") is a shielding option that is halfway between shielding the whole room architecturally and wearing shielded clothing. Maximum headroom and good radiofrequency shielding is achieved using different skin-safe shielding fabrics, plus a light-weight all PVC customizable frame. It has superb air flow and light penetration. Shielding performance varies depending on the selected material. This arrangement requires no ceiling hooks and is completely self supporting. Includes shielding for the "roof" plus all 4 sides. Two flap entrances allow easy access from either side. Does not include floor shielding, please see our Floor Mat if you need one. NOTE: Mesh materials do not have the ability to stop cell phone signals. Phones will still work inside this enclosure. You can perform a true test with an RF meter to see the reduction.

Of course, this shield can be used over a bed, but it can also be used over a work station, couch, or dining room table. Choose the size that fits your needs: Large: 6 feet high, 7 feet wide. (fits a king size bed) Small: 6 feet high, 7 feet x 4 feet. (fits a twin bed)

BoDefense™ Portable RF Shelter Easy enough to put up so it's great for home or travel. Includes everything you need: shielding fabric, PVC frame, and fabric clips. Check that you have enough height available under any light fixtures, ceiling fans, or chandeliers. For indoor use only. May take up to 2 weeks to ship (made per order).

BoDefense™ Shelter, Large Daylight (Cat. #A940-DAY) $1499.95 add to cart
BoDefense™ Shelter, Small Daylight (Cat. #A941-DAY) $1099.95 add to cart
  Also available with Naturell Very lightweight and breathable with 32 dB shielding
BoDefense™ Shelter, Large - Naturell (Cat. #A940-Naturell) $1900.00 add to cart
BoDefense™ Shelter, Small - Naturell (Cat. #A941-Naturell) $1500.00 add to cart
  Also available with High Performance Silver Mesh Our Best shielding mesh, rated at 50 dB!!
BoDefense™ Shelter, Large - High Perf Mesh (Cat. #A940-HPMesh) $2500.00 add to cart
BoDefense™ Shelter, Small - High Perf Mesh (Cat. #A941-HPMesh) $1750.00 add to cart
What our customers tell us:

"I recently purchased a Bodefense shielding enclosure, 8' X 8', and I am pleased beyond measure! Wonderful, sound sleep! Wonderful calmness of mind! I have a twin-size bed, a table and an old-fashioned wooden swivel chair in my shelter. It is my sanctuary. Thank you for such an excellent product, fast delivery and easy assembly."

J.G., Georgia

Non-Metallic BoDefense Frame Kit

Non-Metallic BoDefense™ Frame Kit

"PVC Fittings to Make Your Own Frame without Metal"

Sometimes it's just better to avoid a metallic frame. Our Non-Metallic BoDefense Frame Kit allows you to build an all plastic frame with 1 inch PVC pipe that you can easily obtain locally. It includes all the fittings, clamps and feet you need, as well as full instructions. Snaps together without tools, light-weight, and customizable to various configurations. Simply buy your PVC pipe, cut it to length, and push the pieces together. Cuts way down on shipping too as you don't pay to ship 8 foot long section of pipe! Can be used with any size BoDefense, BoDeFense Mini, or a shield of your own creation.

Non-Metallic BoDefense Frame Kit Parts Kit includes all of this:

  • 4x 3-Way Corner fittings
  • 4x Flat Foot Caps
  • 4x Screw Down Foot Caps
  • 8x T-clip for cross supports
  • 16x Snap clamps to hold fabric to frame
  • 1x Instructions

You need to purchase some shielding fabric such as Daylite or High Performance Silver Mesh to drape over the frame, unless you get one of the pre-made BoDefense enclosures listed above.

Non-Metallic BoDefense™ Frame Kit Fittings only (Cat.#A950) .............. $52.00 add to cart

Want to use Smaller Piping?

three quarter inch snap clamp

While we aren't able to provide all the fittings, we do have the snap-clamps for 3/4" pipe. This will allow you to make a lighter frame, possible one more suitable for travel. Snap clamps easily allow pieces of shielding fabrics to be clamped onto a PVC frame, without the need of sewing panels together! Comes in a pack of 10 clamps.

Snap Clamps for 3/4" PVC (Cat.#ASandD-SnapClamp) .............. $11.95 add to cart

DIY PVC Frame deluxe version DIY PVC Frame on bed DIY PVC Frame satndard version

Want to Make Your Own PVC Frame?

"Instructions for a PVC Mini Frame

This website (not affiliated with Less EMF in any way) offers nice instructions on "How To Build a Toe Tent for Sensitive Feet out of PVC Pipe". This simple frame lifts the blankets so they don't put pressure directly on the feet while sleeping. The same concept can be used at the head of the bed to hold shielding fabric away from the face. You may need to adjust the dimensions to fit your circumstance but the concept works!

Of course, you needs to purchase all the 1" PVC pipes locally and cut them to your desired length... and you need to purchase some shielding fabric such as Daylite or High Performance Silver Mesh to drape over the frame.

PVC Mini Frame Fittings only, standard (Cat.#A951-S) .............. $12.95 add to cart

PVC Mini Frame Fittings only, deluxe (Cat.#A951-D) .............. $18.95 add to cart

Want to use Metal Piping for a More Rigid Frame?

When we first designed the BoDefense, it was with a metal frame. We used 3/4 inch EMT. We now offer it with a PVC frame, but if you need a more sturdy, rigid frame, we can still provide you with the connectors for the piping. This kit includes 8 pipe-to-pipe couplers, and 4 feet pieces to build your own frame using 3/4 inch EMT pipe from your local hardware store. Please note, the 3/4 inch PVC snap clamps above will also work with 3/4 EMT, so make sure to order a pack.

Metal Connector Kit for 3/4" EMT (Cat.#ASandD-MetalFrameKit) .............. $24.95 add to cart


Disposable Shielding Tent

"Portable RF Haven"

What do you do when you find yourself in a hotel room, at a friend's house, or any place where you don't control the environment and you just need relief from wifi, smart meters, cellphones, and other wireless signals"

This tent, made from aluminized Mylar (well known for its good RF shielding ability, toughness, and light weight) is so handy, versatile, and effective you won't want to travel without one. It is basically a tube, 8 feet long, with a perimeter of 10 feet, and open at both ends. Use it the way it comes as a Faraday sleeping bag or tent (tent will need some structural support which is not included, such as stakes, tape, and so on). Or slit it open to a giant 8x10 foot sheet which is big enough for a king size bed blanket, ground cover, personal wrap, or window curtain. Trim it with scissors to make a poncho, skirt, or smaller enclosures for wifi modems, etc.

Disposable Shielding Tent Will shield you from the hot rays of the sun, keep you warm when temperatures drop, reflects light and heat, and best of all offers >20 dB microwave shielding. Completely waterproof and windproof too.

We call it disposable, but you can certainly re-use it. Weighs only 7 ounces, and 6x8 inches and when folded. Stores safely for years, ready when you need it. Perfect for car, suitcase, camping or home use. One side is conductive (the less slippery side) so it can be grounded.

Disposable Shielding Tent (Cat. #A313) ...................... $12.95 add to cart

Tent Bulk Pack Get 10 for the price of 9 (Cat. #A313-10) ................ $116.55 add to cart



For a Snug and Shielded Baby

Most Moms throughout history have understood the soothing benefit of swaddling their babies while keeping them both safe and comfortable. In the modern world, the new danger of wireless radiation from cellphones and cordless phones, wifi, and microwave ovens is everywhere. Swaddling Sheet is made from a soft breathable cotton based fabric (similar to cotton bed sheet) with superfine silver fibers (you need a microscope to see them) which adds wireless radiation shielding for maximum peace of mind. A generous 38 inch square which is machine washable and completely baby-safe allows standard swaddling technique. Makes a great baby gift too.

  • Important during the first 60 days of a newborn's life
  • Swaddling mimics the feeling of being in the womb, allowing the child to feel safe and secure throughout the day without feeling alone.
  • Helps the baby to stay put which helps both the child and mother sleep more soundly
  • Made in USA from Swiss fabric
Material: Washable, durable, hypoallergenic, shielding cotton fabric without chemicals, interwoven with microscopic Silver wire to form the protective radiation barrier.

Care: Machine wash cold, do not bleach.

Swaddling Sheet (Cat. #A358) .................. $79.95 add to cart

cell phone Shielding Baby Carrier RF Net


Keeps out Radiation and Mosquitos! Microwave Shielding Baby Carrier RF Net

Developing babies are more sensitive than adults. And they will be exposed to radiation for far more of their lives than their parents were! Start them off right by shielding when and where you can.

At home, you can control the environment to reduce exposure. It's much harder when you travel outside the home. The Baby Carrier RF Net is made with high quality knit fabric with excellent visibility, good shielding and air flow. Elastic perimeter allows it to fit various size strollers, bassinets, car seats and carriers. Slips on and off in seconds and it's washable! Helps keep the bugs away as well.

Baby Carrier RF Net (Cat. #A326) .................. $99.95 add to cart



"Microwave Radiation Protection Sleeping Bag"

Enjoy a peaceful night's rest under reduced exposure to mobile phone signals! BlocBag is a protective sleeping bag made from comfortable, light weight, microwave reflecting material... superb cotton shielding fabric is used for the body, and a polyester mesh fabric for the hood.


Pretty, white fabric feels almost like cotton bedsheet and folds nicely to the size of a book for complete portability. Great for home or travel. Tested to provide >28dB attenuation up to 6 GHz, no grounding necessary. Extensive zipper for easy in/out and ample 96x34 inch space is plenty of room for the average adult. Wash cold (40°C) with gentle cycle using mild detergent only! Spend the whole night or enjoy a completely new kind of power nap! 96x34 inches overall, with a 32x34 inch "window" at one end.

BlocBag (Cat. A30240-regular) ......... $359.95 add to cart

Need extra room? BlocBag Wide is a full 98 x 55 inches. Same great features.
BlocBag Wide (Cat. A30240-wide) ..................................................... $499.95 add to cart

What our customers tell us:

"I am EHS, sensitive to microwave radiation from wireless. I needed something to protect me especially when sleeping. The quality of this fabric is like a quality sheet. It does not smell and feels like a sheet. However it can only be washed about 42 times before the blocking is reduced, so I found that this is best unzipped and lying over a blanket. My meters still show no readings under this sheet and it is way more comfortable. The mesh where your head should go is a big claustrophobic, as is being zipped in it. However I did take it to the dentist who's office is high wifi, and I zipped into it as they worked on me and I was really calm and relaxed. I have also done this to watch some tv if my house in inundated with neighboring wifi signals. This product is super expensive and if I wasn't so needing to find something, I would have kept looking. But now I am so glad to have it. It folds up tiny and can be taken with me if needed. Very lightweight."

Karen, California



TexCare Laundry Detergent For Shielding Textiles With Silver Or Stainless Steel Threads.

Special recipe detergent preserves the shielding performance, saves the environment and is suitable for many allergy sufferers.

After many years of experience with shielding fabrics we found out that some laundry detergents are bad for the shielding attenuation. In addition, customers who suffer from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity syndrome) reported some brands cause an undesirable odor. This new laundry detergent, developed in cooperation with a prestigious manufacturer of eco-detergents, will not react with our Silver or stainless steel shielding fabrics which are washable.

It contains no fragrances, coloring agents, complexing agents, preservatives, enzymes, genetic engineering, petrochemicals, and all ingredients are 100 % biodegradable.

1 liter is enough for 20 loads. The dosage is independent of the water hardness. Pour 50 ml TEXCARE per load in the detergent drawer or put it straight in the drum. Select delicate cycle with washing at 30°C. Can also be used for hand washing. Please take note of the fabric care label, respective to washability, ironing and drying!

Soap from rapeseed oil 5-15%, sugar surfactant 5-15%, coconut oil alcohol sulphate 5-15%, vegetable alcohol (ethanol) 1-5%, sulphated castor oil <1%, citrate <1%, water up to 100%. Ingredients Include: Aqua, Potassium Soap, Alkylpoly-glucoside C8-16, Sodium C 8-14 Fatty Alcohol Sulfate, Alcohol, Sulfated Castor Oil, Potassium Citrate.

TexCare powder MSDS sheet (pdf), German & English

Washing Instructions: Hand or machine wash (gentle cycle), cold water. Use TexCare. Hang dry. Iron without steam, low heat. No bleach. Do not dry clean.

TexCare liquid 1 liter size (Cat. #A289-L) ............... $19.75 add to cart
Liquid version must ship by UPS

Now, also available in powder form (1 Kg):
TexCare powder 1 Kg size (Cat. #A289-P) ............... $19.75 add to cart

shielded clothing Shielding Fabrics Don't see what you are looking for"

Take a look at our extensive selection of shielding fabrics from which you can make almost anything you like!

We also offer a full line of shielded clothing

Bedroom shielding EMF exposure in the bedroom can affect fertility. Click to learn more.

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