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Earn commissions, grow your profits: Offer EMF Safety Products to your customers!    
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Reseller Information

Offer EMF Safety Products to your Customers:
With growing interest and awareness about EMF Safety, now is the time to add these unique items to your product line. It's easy and provides a great service to your customers. Our programs are free and easy to join. Here's how they work:

3 Ways to Participate:
There are 3 different ways that you can participate. You decide which fits best with your business model. You can even sign up for more than one reseller method.

  • Referrer:
    In this method, you put special referral links on your website. Visitors are directed to You earn referral commissions for every online order your visitors make, without stocking a single item!
    • no cost to you
    • no inventory to carry
    • no hassles, just profits!

    It's like selling gaussmeters, magnetic shielding and more from your Web site, only better. Simply add links on your site and start earning today!

  • Affiliate:
    In this method, you decide which specific Less EMF products are most appropriate for your target market. You list these items with text, graphics, and pricing right on your site with a special "order now" button. Visitors click from your site directly to the shopping cart and purchase items. We process the order and drop ship the item(s) ordered. Your return address shows on the parcel. You get complete order information via e-mail should you wish to maintain a database for future contact. And of course, you earn generous affiliate commissions on every order.

  • Distributor:
    This method works best for resellers who stock inventory. Distributors purchase inventory from Less EMF at wholesale pricing. Distributors market the products directly to their customers and handle all payment and shipping details. Occasional drop shipping is still possible for items not stocked. Your profit is limited only by your entrepreneurship.

Apply Now!
The application begins by completing our Reseller Operating Agreement. Once you have completed this agreement, you will be signed up for our reseller mailing list. You will want to confirm your subscription to our reseller mailing list. Upon confirmation, you will recieve the necessary Reseller Application and W-9 forms. The application is a simple 2 page form, requesting information about your business and how you intend to offer our products.

It's Easy!
Once your application has been approved, just set up your links and start marketing. Either make this a low key service you offer to your web visitors, or promote them with multiple links, additional information, specific product recommendations, endorsements, testimonials, graphics, mailings, contests and the like. We can assist you with any necessary materials. Commission checks are paid quarterly.
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