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 EMF Meters

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Gaussmeters / Teslameters - Magnetic Field Meters:
             AC Gaussmeters - Measure Powerlines, Appliances, Wiring
             DC Gaussmeters - Measure Magnets, Earth's Field, Magnetized Iron
             Probes & accessories - Electric, Magnetic and RF Probes for your DMM or oscilloscope
Electric Field Meters (AC & DC)
Radiofrequency Meters Cell Phones, Towers, Satellite, CB Radio, Radar
             RF Meters for Digital Signals
             RF Meters for Analog Signals
             Microwave Oven Leakage Meters
IR, UV & Ionizing Radiation Detectors - InfraRed, UltraViolet, & Radioactivity
Combination Meters - Multiple Capability Meters
Educational & Build-It-Yourself Kits - Knowledge is Power!
Electrical Sensitivity Items - Electrical Sensitivity management
Ghost Hunting Equipment - Gauss meters, IR Thermometers, Geiger Counters & More!
More Unique Meters - Body Voltage, Surface Resistivity, Air Ions & More!

Meter recommendations sorted by application - find it quickly
Meter Summary - Specs, Pricing and Images only
Meter Selection Guide - Help on selecting the right meter
Meter FAQ's - 1-axis vs. 3-axis; how to measure cell towers; and more!

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