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EMF related books


Architectural EM Shielding Handbook A Design & Specification Guide by Leland Hemming

This practical handbook is a one-stop source for all sorts of shielding enclosures designed to prevent electromagnetic interference from reaching either a sensitive piece of equipment or an unauthorized agency. Includes: extensive supporting information on penetrations such as doors, vents, piping, and electromagnetic filters for each type of shielding; design checklists for shielded enclosure installation; performance specifications for various materials and structural components; methods for the testing necessary to prove performance; and so much more! Excellent illustrations. This is a "must have" if you are shielding RF. Softcover, 222 Pages, 1992.

Architectural EM Shielding Handbook (Cat. #A630)....................$167.00 add to cart


The Body Electric Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life
by Robert O. Becker & G. Selden

Becker's famous work demonstrates the sensitivity of living organisms to subtle electric forces. This book details his pioneering research on limb regeneration and includes a chapter entitled "The Politics of Science" which documents the bureaucratic crushing of his important research program. 1985

The Body Electric (Cat. #A590)....................$15.99 add to cart


Bulletin 56 FCC Office Of Engineering And Technology

This is an informative bulletin written as a result of increasing interest and concern of the public with respect to this issue. The expanding use of radiofrequency technology has resulted in speculation concerning the alleged "electromagnetic pollution" of the environment and the potential dangers of exposure to non-ionizing radiation. This publication is designed to provide factual information to the public by answering some of the most commonly asked questions such as What biological effects can be caused by radiation?, What are safe levels for exposure to radiofrequency/ microwave radiation?, How safe is the radiofrequency radiation emitted by radio and television broadcasting antennas? and much more. 38 pages, 1999.

FCC Bulletin 56 (Cat. #A554) …........…. $14.00 add to cart


FCC Office Of Engineering And Technology

Bulletin 65 This bulletin, provides assistance in determining whether FCC-regulated transmitting facilities, operations and devices comply with limits adopted by the Commission in 1996 for human exposure to radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic fields. One of the areas discussed in Bulletin 65 is compliance with the limits adopted by the Commission for safe exposure to RF emissions from mobile and portable devices, such as non-fixed wireless transmitters and hand-held cellular telephones.

Supplement C, entitled, "Additional Information for Evaluating Compliance of Mobile and Portable Devices with FCC Limits for Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Emissions." is included which provides further guidance for use by applicants for FCC equipment authorization in evaluating these devices for compliance with RF safety limits. 84 pages 1997.

FCC Bulletin 65 (Cat. #A553) ….....…. $15.00 add to cart


Phone Prohibited Sign

This book once and for all puts to rest the controversy about cell phones and their associated dangers and helps the reader understand why there are so many contradicting reports and why we aren’t being informed of the cold, hard facts.

The adverse impacts that cell phone radiation has on the human body, and how it interferes with the normal, healthy functioning of each and every one of our major systems: the neurological system, the cardiovascular system, the reproductive system, the respiratory system and others are all examined in great detail.

And for those of us who not going to give up your cell phone, Cell Phones and The Dark Deception provides a number of easy ways in which to reduce exposure and risk of harm.

Very readable, and powerful. 2009. Softcover.

Cell Phones and the Dark Deception (Cat. #A605) …… $14.95 add to cart


Phone Prohibited Sign

"Lets Everyone Know"

High density, .055-gauge heavy weight, outdoor-grade polyethylene signs, a full 10” x 14”. Put it on your front door, dorm room, office cubicle, or backpack! Gets the message across loud and clear!

Cell Phones Prohibited Sign (Cat. #A715) ...... $14.95 add to cart

Cell Towers:

Wireless Convenience? or Environmental Hazard?
Ed. by B. Blake Levitt

Cell Towers book

Cell towers and hidden "stealth" antennas are cropping up all over, despite vehement objections from community members. Health & safety questions arise, but are often dismissed by the very people entrusted to protect community welfare who have been told they cannot consider such questions. Those concerns have yet to be resolved, despite our increasing exposures. Cell Towers cuts through the rhetoric to address the complex issues of low-level RF. Some of the issues addressed:

  • Are the health concerns justified? What does the science really say?
  • What are the rolls of the lead government agencies: EPA and FCC?
  • Are the RF exposures standards reliable? are they current?
  • What are other countries doing?
  • What can communities do? What are good zoning regulations?

With chapters contributed by prominent research scientists, government officials, engineers, and attorneys, the book is the most comprehensive and balanced cell tower radiation information resource available for lay people today. 348 pages. 2001.

Cell Towers (Cat. #A581) ………………. $22.95 add to cart


Promise of Electromagnetism, Perils of Electropollution
by Robert O. Becker

Crosscurrents Crosscurrents describes the meeting of two opposing trends: the rapid rise of electro-medicine, which promises to unlock the secrets of healing, and the parallel rise of electropollution, which poses a pressing environmental danger. At the same time that exciting insights into how to use the body's inherent healing abilities are gained, electromagnetic fields radiating from powerlines, radar, microwave ovens, VDT's, satellites, radios, and even electric blankets are attacking our bodies' resources. Crosscurrents offers practical ways to protect ourselves in our homes and offices from the hazardous effects of electromagnetic pollution, and teaches us how to engage the healing energies of electromagnetism. Endorsed by Paul Brodeur. 1990

Crosscurrents (Cat. #A600)....................$17.95 add to cart



by Thomas Kubala

Building on the foundation established in Electricity 1, this book goes on to explore alternating current principles and important concepts of inductive reactance, capacitive reactance, and impedance. Completely updated to the 2005 National Electrical Code, Electricity 2 acquaints newcomers to the field with various types of alternating current circuits, while developing a solid understanding of the concepts of power, power factor, and power factor correction. Sample problems and solutions at the end of each unit provide a direct route to understanding as readers apply key electrical principles in realistic troubleshooting situations.

  • enhancements to this edition include the latest terminology and a modernized art program featuring current photographs of electrical equipment
  • modern applications of power installations help prepare readers for work in the field
  • pragmatic troubleshooting methods are explored to help develop critical thinking skills
  • problems and solutions at the end of each unit help readers identify topics that require further review

ELECTRICITY 2 (Cat. #A561) ………………… $19.95 add to cart



Textbook which covers calculations for transmission lines, fields and field operators, the electrostatic field, the magnetostatic field, time-varying fields, electro-dynamics, plane waves, guided waves, radiation, and more. Highly technical, lots of math. 412 pages. 1990

Electromagnetics for Engineers (Cat. #A560) …………………….. $24.95 add to cart


NIST Construction Automation Program Report No. 3

NIST REport #3 Laboratory studies of electromagnetic (EM) signal propagation through construction materials were carried out as part of the NIST initiative. In this report, power attenuation aspects are discussed. The materials investigated included brick, masonry block, eight different concrete mixes, glass, plywood, lumber (spruce-pine-fir), drywall, reinforced concrete, steel reinforcing bar grids, variations of the plywood and lumber tests in which the specimens were soaked with water, and composite specimens involving brick-faced masonry block and brick-faced concrete. For each material, varying thickness specimens were fabricated in order to measure attenuation as a function of penetration distance. Measurements of power loss were taken at 2 MHz intervals from 0.5 to 2 GHz and from 3 to 8 GHz. Frequency power spectra were discretely generated for each material as a function of thickness. Excellent tables and graphical data. Extremely useful for predicting the shielding effectiveness of common building materials. 200 pages, 1997. Order either printed version or electronic version on CD-ROM.

NIST Report #3, on paper (Cat. #A555) ............................... $20.00 add to cart

NIST Report #3, PDF file on CD-ROM (Cat. #A555-CD) ... $10.00 add to cart


What Do We Know About Possible Health Risks? by Prof. M. Granger Morgan

Discusses in non-technical language: what is known, what is still not known, and what might be done about possible risk to health and environment. Prepared with funding from EPRI and National Science Foundation, it has an admitted bias towards "there is no problem", but still contains some good solid even if skeptical science in a readable format. 1989

Fields From Electric Power... (Cat. #A515) ............................ $10.95 add to cart


The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy

The HAARP project in Alaska is one of the most controversial projects ever undertaken by the US Government. HAARP has many possible scientific and military applications, from raising a planetary defense shield, to super beam weapon, to blowing holes in the ionosphere, "just to see what happens." Jerry Smith, the author, gives a history of the HAARP project and explains how it can be used as an awesome weapon of destruction. By the end of the book, you could be convinced that HAARP represents the ultimate in science out of control. It could well be the most dangerous device ever created. 1998.
HAARP (Cat. #A559) …….........…….. $14.95 add to cart


No Cellphones Decal "Get the message out!"

Nice quality vinyl bumper sticker is a not-so-gentle reminder to fellow motorists of the one of the many dangers of cellphone use: distraction! If you ever get the chance, you can also explain the other hazards as well: reaction time, increased permeability of the blood-brain barrier, and possibly brain tumors. Good for cars, trucks, bikes, skates and just about any other moving vehicle.

Hang Up and Drive (Cat. #A637) ……. $4.95 add to cart


Health Hazards

A Startling Look at the Effects of Electropollution on Your Health
Edited and compiled by Bruce Fife, N.D.

This book offers practical ways to protect yourself in your home and office from the effects of electromagnetic radiation. You will learn how to take simple precautionary steps to reduce EMF exposure and minimize the threat of electropollution on your health. Includes chapters describing EMFs, what they are and how they are produced; human health studies and their conclusions; where and how to search your home for EMFs; and what you can do to minimize your exposure. 56 pages, paperback. 1998

Health Hazards of E-M Radiation (Cat. #A582) … $12.00 add to cart

Introduction to Electromagnetism


by M. Sibley

Essentially in two parts, this book will help readers to gain an appreciation of the physical effects of electric and magnetic fields. The first part covers the basic theory of electrostatics, electromagnetism, and electroconductive fields, and applies the theory to different transmission lines. The second part covers the physical effects of dielectrics and ferrous materials on capacitors and coils. It is truly introductory with very little prior knowledge assumed. Includes numerous worked examples and problems. Geared for an engineering understanding of the subject (lots of math).

Introduction to Electromagnetism (Cat. #A617) ............ $56.95 add to cart


Living Without Elecricity

by Jim Waugh

Different than most books on the subject because it discusses the theory and background behind EMR in Part 1 and then explains what the reader can do to reduce his or her exposure in Part 2. It is a well researched book that explains complex terms and issues clearly in a very readable form.

It gives simple, do-able steps for testing your living environment to reduce the risks of developing EMR sensitivities and diseases. Numerous recommendations assist the reader in using electrical and wireless technologies safely.

    Topics addressed in Part 1
  • What EMR is, where it comes from and the reasons for concern
  • How EMR impacts the human body
  • Explanations of EMR terminology
  • Impact on the natural environment
  • Wireless networks and power transmission lines
  • Cellphones
  • Geomagnetic energy
  • Roles of government and industry
    Topics addressed in Part 2
  • Safe exposure standards
  • Building or renovating an electromagnetic safe home
  • Toxic chemicals and EMR
  • Electromagnetic home investigation
  • Real estate pre-commitment investigation
  • EMR in passenger vehicles

Appendices and a bibliography list sources of people, materials, tools and reference material. Paperback. 2010, 234 pages.

Living Safely with Electromagnetic Radiation (Cat. #A520) ....... $24.95 add to cart



  • How does a compass work?
  • What is a magnetic field?
  • How can you make a magnet with electricity?

Janice VanCleave's other book includes 20 great experiments that allow you to answer these questions, plus many more ideas for developing further science fair projects. Learn about magnetic poles; about magnetic force fields; even magnetic shielding! Author is a former science teacher and science lecturer. 1993.

Magnets (Cat. #A627) ..................... $12.95 add to cart


Mondo Magnets 40 Attractive (and Repulsive) Devices and Demonstrations
by Fred Jeffers

Surprising and seemingly impossible effects result from the 40 experiments included in this fascinating science resource—all with a concise explanation of the underlying magnetic physics. Each experiment—such as using a common refrigerator magnet to create a three-dimensional image or floating a magnet and carbon sheet in midair—is outlined with step-by-step instructions and diagrams that illustrate the key concepts of magnetism. Even the most experienced science teacher or at-home tinkerer will find dozens of new tricks in this amazing collection. Great for students. Clearly written and easy to understand with lots of good photos. 2007

Mondo Magnets (Cat. #A601) ..… $16.95 add to cart


No Cellphones Decal No Cellphones Decal "Clearly Gets the Idea Across"

Want to let people know that cellphones cannot be used in certain areas without an embarrassing confrontation? These decals are suitable for putting up in schools, restaurants, theaters, stores, taxicabs, busses, trains, hospitals, offices, homes or any other place that's appropriate for a cellphone-free zone. High quality decals measure 3½" by 3½". Nice strong adhesive, simply peel and stick.

No Cellphones Decal (Cat. #A609) …....... $4.00 add to cart


by William Horton & Saul Goldberg

An impressive textbook-format summary of the studies, findings, and reports of the last 15 years in the area of the effects of EMF on humans. Discusses the magnetic fields produced by electric power lines at length, details techniques for shielding magnetic fields, and provides important information for developing safety policies and procedures for dealing with magnetic fields. Invaluable as a tool for design, construction, and valuation of homes, offices and commercial spaces with regard to EMF safety. Technically oriented. 1995

Power Frequency Magnetic Fields & Public Health (Cat. #A570).....$199.95 add to cart


The Powerwatch Handbook Simple Ways To Make You And Your Family Safer
by Alasdair and Jean Philips

Are you keeping safe? Electrical wiring and appliances, overhead power lines, machinery, photocopiers, mobiles and cordless telephones, radio masts, TVs, tube trains, x-rays and laser beams are amongst the hundreds of everyday items that are now known to give off high levels of EMF. Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can be biologically active and capable of making changes to the structure of human and animal cells which are exposed to them. Long-term exposure is believed by an increasing number of scientists and environmentalists to be connected to tumors, fertility problems, behavior and mood changes, concentration and memory loss, and also to affect melatonin production and impair our immune system repair mechanisms. The Powerwatch Handbook is a simple no-nonsense guide to EMFs and how to reduce their harmful effect. Here is practical information on:

  • How to test for EMFs in the home
  • Star ratings for different items and products
  • Simple ways to reduce your exposure to high level pollution
  • Reduce the effect of telephones, mobiles, TV masts and other outside sources
  • EMFs at work and in hospitals, dental surgeries and shops
  • How EMFs affect babies and young children
  • How to avoid becoming electrically sensitive
Information is presented in a practical, positive and lively way, in an easy-to-follow handbook style. EMF levels are graded using a star rating system, high level items are highlighted, and practical tips given in step-by-step, bullet point form. 256 pages, 2006

The Powerwatch Handbook (Cat. #A545) ........... $18.95 add to cart


video image

This 58-minute film is the first of its kind to explore the potential health risks and consequences of proliferating wireless devices and transmitting antennas (especially cell phones). The state of the science and needed public policy solutions are reviewed from an international citizen's rights and consumer advocacy perspective. This video talks about what the communications industry prefers not to discuss --- how exposure to radiation from wireless communications technology poses a major environmental health threat.

See footage of experts discussing the known biological threats posed by wireless radiation, sit in on public hearings (including pleas by Senator Tom Hayden of California) discussing the need for a rational policy on cell tower siting, and gain valuable ammunition to help you discuss this important issue intelligently with neighbors, town boards, school boards, anyone involved in tower siting and attorneys. Also a great teaching tool for students.

Public Exposure DVD (Cat. #A636) ........ $20.00 add to cart


A Handbook for Professionals

The first practical guide to focus on understanding and evaluating the health effects of radio frequency and extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (cellular phones, computers, microwave towers, and powerlines). Explains how to identify sources and measure leakage, including how to select your monitoring equipment. Includes latest research findings on the biological effects of RF fields and exposure standards. Entire section on specific problems and how they can be solved, including a "Radio Control Program". 1995

RF & ELF Electromagnetic Energies (Cat. #A625).................$271.00 add to cart


by Angela Hobbs Sick House Survival Guide

Electricity as a pollutant? Curtains that make you sick??

More people suffer with electrical and chemical sensitivities from indoor pollution than we realize. This book has information on existing research into EMF's and the interaction of chemicals and hormones. It outlines a series of steps that readers can follow to identify and transform their sick house into a " Healthy Home". These include:

  • Keeping track of environments that make you sick.
  • Discovering sanctuary spots where you can sleep
  • Lifting the burden of synthetic fabrics, and
  • Reducing your exposure to EMF's
The Sick House Survival Guide (Cat. #A655) …………….. $18.95 add to cart

Safe & Simple Electrical Experiments

by Rudolf F. Graf Health Hazards

Here are 101 entertaining experiments for fast and reliable learning of the basic principles of electricity. Categorized into static electricity (38 experiments), magnetism (32), and current electricity and electromagnetism (31) for maximum exposure to the fundamentals. Each experiment beginning with a list of safe and inexpensive materials needed and some introductory remarks, is presented with detailed step-by-step instructions and clear illustrations. The reader learns where to get/make electricity, how to store it, and how to use it in a number of creative ways. Although carefully selected to be safe for children, this book is suitable for young and old students of electromagnetism. 117 paperbound pages. 1964. Click here to see the table of contents for this book.

Safe & Simple Electrical Experiments (Cat. #A593) ............... $11.95 add to cart

Tracing EMFs

TRACING EMFs in Building Wiring and Grounding

3rd edition, by Karl Riley

A practical guide for reducing AC magnetic fields produced by building wiring and improper grounding practices. Step by step instructions for detecting wiring problems and a full description of common wiring errors and how to correct them. This guide is for anyone who wants to inspect their own home, electricians and electrical inspectors, those starting a new profession in EMF consulting, as well as those involved with the process of building construction such as architects and contractors. Utility personnel involved in EMF measurements can profit from this information. 96 pages, spiral bound book. Completely updated in 2012.

TRACING EMFs (Cat. #A530)....................$28.00 add to cart

Tracing EMFs TRACING MAGNETIC FIELDS now avaliable with DVD
Get this combo pack and save!

This DVD will enhance your understanding of the concenpts in the book. Graphically explains how certain wiring errors create high magnetic fields. It shows step-by-step methods of measuring the fields and then how to find the faulty circuit and the wiring error. Created under a grant from California Health Services to help school electricians reduce the magnetic fields found in the state's schools during a 90-school magnetic field survey. Filmed by the video dept. of Southern California Edison and using their graphics animation to show how the currents move in misconnected circuits. Written and hosted by Karl Riley, author of Tracing EMFs in Building Wiring and Grounding. 23 minutes.

Tracing Magnetic Fields… Combo pack (book+DVD) (Cat. #A531) ..... $47.95 add to cart


Want to convert between mW/cm² and V/m? Need to know how many microTesla per milliGauss? What is a dB? These sheets are a handy reference for converting between Amps/meter, Volts/meter, Tesla, Gauss, and mW/cm² as well as understanding and using dB.

Unit Conversion Tables, Graphs & Formulae(Cat. #A694) …….. $2.50 add to cart


A Collection of Articles

Covers all aspects of VDT use, including: ergonomics, visual problems, reproduction dangers, stress, standards & recommendations. Includes articles from: The VDT Coalition, National Association of Working Women, New York Times, Communication Workers of America, AFL/CIO, NIOSH, & more. Illustrated. 1991

VDTs: Articles (Cat. #A680)....................$35.00 add to cart


by Gerald Goldberg, MD

Warning Technology has transformed this planet into an open microwave system with its satellite transmissions. While the transmission of microwaved information can be handled in a safe and effective manner to provide for global communication without affecting the overall health of our planet, the health consequences from our current method of continuous low level exposure to microwave radiation can be catastrophic.

The book starts by examining dosimetry which shows which parts of the body are most sensitive to microwave radiation based on studies done by US Armed Forces. Dosimetry is also predictive of the pattern of injury that one would expect to find. The second chapter explains how microwave radiation produces disease. It examines the mechanisms of disease production in living systems. It also explains how microwave injury manifests as specific organ dysfunction, be it neurological, behavioral, immune, cancer etc. The third demonstrates through the use of graphs that the parallel and symmetrical rise of certain illnesses across broad geographic areas suggests a common force acting equally on all these regions. The graphs also demonstrate that it is the rate of increase not the absolute number of cases in a given region that is important. Examines the common link between microwave radiation and seemingly unrelated illnesses.

Presented in a clear language that the laymen can understand. Liberally referenced from the scientific literature. The book is designed to be generally informative as well as a reference source for the average reader. Even provides a wealth of resources that have been shown to be beneficial to offset the consequences of excess microwave exposure. 2006

Would You Put Your Head In A Microwave Oven? (Cat. #A684) ........ $16.49 add to cart

Your Guide to Understanding EMF


A simple yet thorough explanation of what are EMFs, what is the difference between electric and magnetic fields, and where do they come from. A nice primer on the topic, great for students. 16 pages, color photocopy.

Your Guide to Understanding EMF (Cat. #A519)....................$4.95 add to cart

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