Software Information:

The software included witht the Datalogging Gaussmeter with PC Interface is very simple and intuitive to use, but very powerful. The meter can be connected to the PC or laptop for real time data collection, or the meter can be used in the field to collect data which can be downloaded to the computer later for analysis.

For latest driver version (necessary for WIN7), free download here: Driver Update
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Data can be displayed in several formats, either individually or simultaneously.

real time data list

To start with, the data can be displayed as a list (see image at right), showing:

  • X axis value
  • Y axis value
  • Z axis value
  • RMS XYZ value
  • units (mG or microT)
The time interval between readings can be defined.

graphic display Alternatively, the data can be displayed graphically, as shown on the right:

X axis in black
Y axis in blue
Z axis in green

plus RMS XYX in red

The vertical axis limits of the graph can be defined for best resolution. These graphs can be sent to your printer.

value, max, min display Finally, you can view real time values of each axis and the RMS value, plus historical values as shown at right. These data can be saved.

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